UK University Map (Interactive)

Universities in Greater London England

The Greater London is a big administrative district in UK, comprising around 33 villages, small towns and cities. As you can guess this region is associated mainly with the British capital, London, but London is just one of the cities contained in this area.

One of the features that this region is distinguished among other British regions is the number of world-class universities in this area. Located in the South of UK, this great region boasts a number of fantastic universities. London, its main urban area is known as the world’s capital for higher education, having 4 globally top-ranked universities.

The center city of London has possibly the largest number of world-class universities. Starting from its center there are universities whose reputation goes beyond the UK. Around the center of the city of London, there are universities like the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, King’s College London, London South Bank University and so forth.

The King’s College London campus is located right at the shores of Thames while the LSE is located around a mile North from Kingston College. South, under the Thames, there is the campus of London South Bank University, a mile south of the Millenium bridge over the Thames.

If you move north for less than a mile you’ll arrive at the campus of the University of Arts London, another brilliant university. From there you can climb north, walk in between the British Museum and Russell Square and there is the SOAS University of London, acclaimed to be one of the best in this zone.

Further in North, when you’ll enter the Highbury district, there you’ll find the London Metropolitan University, by no doubt the best in the area around. Deep in the North-East, a mile above the London’s Football stadium is the campus of the University of Loughborough. North London is proud to have some other excellent universities like the University of Westminster, the University College London and the London Business School.

Moving to West London we’ll encounter some other highly reputed universities. Let’s start with, clearly one of the best in the UK and beyond, the University of Imperial College. Their main campus is situated in the Knightsbridge sub-region. In the same neighbourhood, there is the Royal College of Music.

On the West Edge of the region, there’s the University of London, whose campus is placed near Gunnersbury Park. Moving south from there following the flow of River Thames will closely pass by the Kingston, University of London, whose campus is nearby the shores of Thames. The South-West universities are best represented by the University of Roehampton located deep South-West in the district of Roehampton

The East of this region also enumerates some excellent universities. Moving from the center city to the South-East your first stop must be the Goldsmiths University of London. Their campus is located south River of Thames. Further, in the East, right at the shores of Thames, there’s the campus of the University of Greenwich. Almost parallel with these two universities, north Thames there is the Queen’s Mary University of London.

Universities in South East England

Let start from the center of the region where one of the most worldwide reputed university is positioned. One cannot simply talk about British universities located in a region without starting with the iconic University of Oxford. Known as the oldest British institution of higher education, the University of Oxford is located North the city center.

Around 40 miles south Oxford there is the city of Reading and the University that holds its name the University of Reading. Its campus is located in a suburb area south Reading, in a less crowded zone, adjacent to the Whiteknights Lake. Other 50 miles south from here and you’re at the University of Surrey, which is established around the city center, close enough to the Guildford Cathedral, a referral point in the town of Guildford.

On the south side of this region, there’s a string of good universities, among which the most appealing are the University of Southampton and the University of Portsmouth. Moving along the same line toward the east we arrive at the University of Brighton, located deep in the north of Brighton city center. While you’re here make some other few miles (around five to be more exact) north-east and you’ll get to the large campus of the University of Sussex, ranked as one of the best in this region of UK and the whole country.

At the utmost edge of the south, the most known university is the University of Kent, whose large campus is settled in the North of Canterbury city, around 2 miles from the downtown area.
South East has also a number of excellent universities.

The University of Oxford, University of Surrey, University of Southampton, University of Sussex, Royal Holloway University of London, Uni of Reading, UNI OF Kent, Uni of Portsmouth, Uni for the Creative Arts, Oxford Brookes, Buckingham, Chichester, Winchester, Brighton, Canterbury Christ Church, Solent.

Universities in South-West England

The South-West region of the UK is where a considerable number of fantastic universities are settled in. Let start with the University of Bath. Its campus, which is large and contains several facilities around itself, is located on the east side of the city of Bath, surrounded by a countryside view.

Not so far North-west from Bath there is the University of Bristol, another highly reputed university in UK.

Moving further on to the South-West of the country you’ll encounter a large number of brilliant universities. There’s the best Welsh university and clearly one of the best in the whole UK, the University of Cardiff. Its main campus is located right at the heart of the city of Cardiff not far from the sea coast.

Moving further to the south-west, there are universities like University of Exeter and University of Plymouth some of the best in this region and in the whole country. The campus of the University of Exeter, another Russell University in this part of the UK, is located in the north of the city of Exeter, in its peripheral areas. Around 40 miles southwest of Exeter, there is the Plymouth city where the University of Plymouth is settled.

Universities in West Midlands England

This region comprises a number of cities, towns, and villages in the West of Middle Uk, hence the name West Midlands. Your trip of tracking UK universities in this zone surely has to start with its major city, Birmingham at the heart of which is the campus of Birmingham City University.

The Eastern part of the West Midlands is where two other brilliant universities are stationed, the University of Warwick and the University of Coventry. The first is located around 4 miles South-West the city of Coventry, bordering with the Greater London region, while the second is positioned relatively close to the city center.

On the other side of the West Midlands, there is the University of Wolverhampton, whose campus is located at the heart of the city of Wolverhampton.

Universities in North West England

North West England is one of the richest regions with amazing universities. Let the city of Manchester be our departure point in this area. Adjacent to the city of Bradford and around 35 miles far Liverpool, the city of Manchester is proud to have two of the best British universities, the Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester. Both of their campuses are located in the downtown area and separated from a distance of several hundred meters.

Not far from Manchester, is the city of Salford whose main university is the University of Salford. Its campus is located side River Irwell.

Driving north-west Salford for around half an hour will get you to the city of London at the center of which is another good British university, the University of Bolton. On the western wing of this region, there are some other good universities, with the University of Liverpool clearly being the best. Their campus is located in the downtown Liverpool, about a mile east far from the Mersey River shores.

If you drive for about 30 km south of Liverpool, you’ll find another good university, although not too much reputed, the University of Chester.

Around 40 miles North Liverpool is the University of Central Lancashire centered in the heart of the city of Preston. Move some other 10 miles east and you’ll get to the city of Blackburn where the University of Blackburn is.

Moving toward the top northwestern part of this region you’ll find another brilliant university in UK, nationally ranked as one of the best in the whole UK. Their campus encompasses numerous facilities around and is located in a remote area about 20 miles north Preston.

Universities in North-East England

Walking along the Northeast side of the country you’ll find some other good universities. In Newcastle, a city bounded by the North Sea on the East has itself two amazing universities among many others. Both Newcastle University and the city campus of the Northumbria University are located in the north of the city and are far from each other by roughly a half mile.

Not so far south Newcastle, there’s the city of Sunderland and the campus of the university that holds its name, the University of Sunderland. Moving in the same direction, toward the south, you will discover still more good universities like the University of Durham in the city of Durham, whose campus is located in a quiet and countryside sight south Durham.

Universities in East Midlands England

In the region of East Midlands, you’ll find some good universities. We start with the University of Loughborough which is traditionally ranked as one of the best in UK. Its campus is located in the town of Loughborough. Some 20 miles North Loughborough there is the University of Nottingham another brilliant university around.

Some other good universities in this region are the University of Leicester and the University of Lincoln. The University of Leicester has its campus in the city of Leicester (the biggest city in this region) a mile south from the city center. The other one is around 45 miles North-east Nottingham.

Universities in the Yorkshire and the Humber

Across the Yorkshire and the Humber, a region in the middle part of England, there are several good universities. Right between the Yorkshire Dales National Park in the North and the Peak District National Park in the south, there are two cities Leeds and Sheffield which besides wonderful places to visit have some amazing universities.

Two of the best and most known universities in Leeds are the University of Leeds and the Leeds Beckett, University both located in the north side of the city, separated by a short distance.

Move down south for about 35 km and you’ll arrive in Sheffield where the campus of Sheffield University, is located. The York’s city university, the University of York, 30 miles northeast of Leeds, is another good university worth looking at.

Universities in East England

East of England is the region where the University of Cambridge, traditionally one of the top-ranked worldwide, has established its main campus. But except Cambridge, this region boasts other high-quality universities.

Another university located within the city of Cambridge is the Anglia Ruskin University. Their campus is just a mile far from the Cambridge campus. If you would travel for pretty the same distance east of Cambridge you would arrive at another brilliant university located in this region.

The University of East Anglia which enjoys a high reputation throughout the whole UK for its excellence has its campus a few miles west the city center of Norwich. Close to their main buildings the Barclays bank has its offices, while some hundred meters west there are Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals facilities.

Travel for around 60 miles south of Cambridge and you’ll arrive in the city of Colchester. Far south-east from the city center, in a countryside site, is settled the campus of the University of Essex.

Far in the East of England, where the stream of River Orwell narrows down, in the center of the county of Suffolk, the University of Suffolk has its main campus located.

Universities in Scotland

In the North of UK, there is a dozen outstanding Scottish universities, led by two iconic universities, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow. The main campus of the University of Edinburgh is located in the old part of the city of Edinburgh, around a mile south of the Edinburgh castle, the main heritage of the old city.

If you move west for about 50 miles you’ll get to another brilliant university in the North, the University of Glasgow. Its campus is located in the west end of the Scottish capital, close to Kelvingrove Park. Climbing the North-East coastline you’ll find some other good British universities like St. Andrews University, Dundee University, and Aberdeen University.

Universities in Wales

Absolutely the best representative of the Welsh universities is the Cardiff Universities. Their main campus is located in the center of Wales’ capital, while around there are many other good universities (though not reputed as the Cardiff University) like Cardiff Metropolitan University, Welsh School of Architecture, University of South Wales and Cardiff and Vale College.

In the south of Wales, through the coastline of Bristol Channel waters, is where the University of Swansea is settled. There is only a park (Parc Singleton Park) standing in between the campus and the sea coast.

The University of Aberystwyth is the best Welsh university in the west of the country. Their campus covers a large peripheral area, north-east the city of Aberystwyth. Northern Wales is mostly known for the University of Bangor, placed near the Menai Strait.

Universities in Northern Ireland

Compared to other UK regions, in Northern Ireland, there are relatively fewer high-quality universities. Two of the best NI universities are the University of Queen’s Belfast and the University of Ulster. Both of these two universities are located in the downtown area of the city of Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland.

Even though they are not at the quality of these two, Belfast has some other good universities to mention like the Open University in Northern Ireland, St. Mary’s University College and Stranmillis University College.