The UK is the second most popular study destination in the world. According to the enrollment data taken from 163 HE providers, as of the 2017/18 academic year, a number of 458,490 international students were studying in the UK.

There is, however, a list of universities which are particularly attractive to international students.

If you want to know which universities make into this list so you probably decide to choose given below are the most popular universities in the UK for international students

The most popular Universities in the UK for International Students

The University The Number of International Students
University College London 17,990
The University of Manchester 13,750
The University of Edinburgh 12,025
Coventry University 11,285
King’s College London 11,175
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine 9,560
University of the Arts, London 9,175
The University of Warwick 8,990
The University of Sheffield 8,965
The University of Glasgow 8,815

Top UK Universities with Most EU Students

The EU students share a significant portion in the international enrollment in UK. But, what are the most popular universities in UK for EU students

The table below displays the most frequent UK universities for EU students

The University EU Students Full-time Students Part-time Students
University College London 4,930 4,455 475
King’s College London 4,080 3,765 315
The University of Edinburgh 3,725 3,445 280
Coventry University 3,245 3,090 155
The University of Glasgow 3,175 2,955 220
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine 3,075 2,960 115
The University of Aberdeen 2,865 2,820 45
The University of Oxford 2,640 2,310 330
The University of Cambridge 2,635 2,600 35
University of the Arts, London 2,460 2,350 110

Top UK Universities with Most Non-EU students

Non-EU students account for the largest number of international students in UK. Which universities do non-EU students prefer the most in UK regarding enrollment statistics?

As of 2017/18, the following universities in UK counted most non-EU students

The University Non-EU students Full-time Part-time
University College London 13,060 11,870 1,190
The University of Manchester 10,965 10,865 100
The University of Edinburgh 8,300 8,045 255
Coventry University 8,040 7,520 520
The University of Sheffield 7,470 7,120 350
King’s College London 7,095 6,710 385
The University of Liverpool 7,020 6,800 220
The University of Birmingham 6,660 6,290 370
The University of Leeds 6,575 6,475 100
The University of Warwick 6,495 6,325 170


In addition to being very popular, some of these universities are ranked among Top UK Universities.