11 new countries will sit along Australia, New Zealand, United and Canada in the list of “low risk” countries of issuing Tier 4 visa students in the UK.

Last Friday, the British Parliament approved new changes in the UK student immigration policy. Under these changes, 11 new states were added to the list of “low risk” countries, a list of countries that face easier student visa application restrictions. After this movement comes into effect on 6 July, students coming from the aforementioned countries won’t any longer need to prove their educational, financial and language skills when applying for a Tier 4 visa.

The added countries include the followings:
China, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, Cambodia, Bahrain, the Dominican Republic, Kuwait, Macau, Maldives and Serbia.

Indian students, on the other hand, are excluded from this list, meaning they now have to undergo a more scrutinized process when applying for a student visa. In contrast to the “low risk” countries, Indians will have to show a proof of their educational and financial background, and language proficiency to be issued a student Tier 4 visa.

India, as one of the largest distributors of international students in the UK, didn’t welcome the news. A Home Office spokesperson told the media that the UK values Indians coming to study in British world-leading universities reminding they are the third group of foreign students that are granted student visas.

China is traditionally known as the highest exporter of international students in the UK. Following these new reforms, that eases their student visa issuances, the number of student visas granted to them will increase significantly. In the year to March, more than 95,000 student visa was issued by the Home Office to international scholars. With 88,000 of visas obtained, China tops the list of countries which receive the highest number of student visas.

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