UK Announces Changes That Will Come Into Effect on Wednesday 13 May

As of 13 May, new changes will come into effect in the UK. The UK is aiming to gradually go back to normal, one step at a time, in order to ensure that livelihood is secured while the NHS is also protected. The guidance published by the government is applicable in England, while people in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland should abide by specific rules in those parts of the UK.

Just like up until now, people should make sure they are spending as much time as possible indoors. You may leave your home only in cases when you have to go to work, if you cannot work from home, to shop for essentials (like food or medicine), to exercise and spend time outdoors, to cater to medical needs (donate blood, avoid injury, escape harm, or help vulnerable people).

A few things you will be allowed to do, starting 13 May, include the following: 

  • Exercise outdoors (more than once per day) while practising social distancing. 
  • Spend time outdoors (picnicking, sunbathing, meeting people outside of your household) while practising social distancing. 
  • Make use of outdoor sports courts/facilities (like tennis/basketball courts or golf courses) with members of your household or one other person, while practising social distancing. 
  • Visit the garden centre.

Just like before 13 May, you will still not be allowed to visit friends and relatives in their homes, use indoor sports facilities, gyms, swimming pools, outdoor gyms, or playgrounds. You will also not be allowed to gather in groups of more than two people (excluding the people you live with), except in cases like work, funerals, or other emergencies. Visiting private attractions is also still not allowed. 

All the time while you are outdoors, make sure to practice social distancing rules, like keeping your distance of at least 2 metres away from people you do not live with, and keeping a proper hand and respiratory hygiene. In case you or someone from your household has coronavirus symptoms, you should self-isolate and stay at home

As of 13 May, sports courts can re-open according to the UK government. Keep in mind, however, that you should go to these activities alone, with people you live with, or with one person from outside of your household. You must not use these courts in case you or anyone in your household has coronavirus symptoms, in order to prevent spreading the virus. 

Leaving your home to stay at another home is not allowed even after 13 May. If you are a student and you want to move to your family home permanently, then you will be allowed to do so. 

If you are an international student in the UK during the coronavirus pandemic, you can find more information in our FAQs section here.

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