UCAS Clearing To Offer More Personalised Options and Support for Students in 2020

Students searching for a place at university or college in the UK this summer will be able to get a personalised list of available courses for the first time.

Clearing is a university application process where undergraduate students are matched to university places that have not been filled. It is available for everyone who has applied to university through the UCAS Undergraduate application process but does not hold any university offers. Clearing aims to support anyone who wants to attend university. 

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According to the newly announced Government support package for universities and students, the Government stated that it has been working with the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) in order to reinforce the Clearing process this year, and give students more personalised options. This is done as a means of supporting students, both domestic and international, to review their choices and see their options.

Clearing Plus will be matching unplaced undergraduate applicants to relevant courses with vacancies. The personalised Clearing in 2020 will give students the possibility to move between universities with individual support on offer from UCAS, through emails, phone, or social media.

UCAS’ Chief Executive, Clare Marchant, claimed that they are positive that the new personalised Clearing will help students transform their university experience. She said:

“We are confident the new personalised Clearing in 2020 will transform the experience for students. They won’t need to search through a mountain of courses or make endless phone calls. The most appropriate course options for them as an individual will be presented through their online account.

Clearing Plus builds on the successful introduction of the online self-release last year, to give students more control while also making the process smarter, fairer, and more personal. Our initial projection is that we expect around 50,000 students to use Clearing Plus to discover their course.”

UCAS is also collaborating with BBC Bitesize in order to offer students information and advice in more places online. Starting early July, applicants who were unable to secure a place at a university, will be able to sign in to their online UCAS account and see their individual list of matched courses and contact the university.

In 2018, Clearing listed thousands of available courses, and over 64,000 students secured their places through this service. In 2019, a total of 73,320 students used this service to secure a place at university. Clearing is an opportunity for all those who have missed their conditions, have changed their mind in the last minute regarding their choice of university/course, or those who have not received offers from their chosen university, among others.

UCAS ensures students and applicants that they will be there to offer support and guide students through their study plans, even during these challenging times. The UK Government is also working to support students and universities to ensure they can progress further without disruptions, offering student support and financial sustainability for providers, as part of their package of measures. 

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