Top Universities to Study Archaeology in UK

Although all fields of study are unique in their own way, archaeology simply knows how to get one’s attention. Reconstructing cultures that are long gone through the things people made, used, and left behind is surely an intricate and interesting process.

We have listed the top universities to study archaeology in the UK for you below, if you’re already set on the degree you want to pursue. There are different kinds of archaeology, including prehistoric, historic, classical, and underwater; with two of the main ones being historic and prehistoric archaeology.

Prehistoric archaeology focuses on studying human history before there were any written records, while historic archaeology deals with the period of time that has written records. Archaeologists use artifacts to determine what cultures were like before, and the field of archaeology is considered as one of the major fields of anthropology.

Here are the top universities to study Archaeology in the UK:

1. University of Oxford

The School of Archaeology at the University of Oxford is known to offer a “lively and diverse community of archaeologists.” In addition, it has been ranked at the top for Archaeology studies for three years now, proving that this university is highly-qualified to deliver archaeology studies and qualifications. As an undergraduate course, they offer a Bachelor’s degree programme in Archaeology and Anthropology. This programme offers a variety of benefits and it suits motivated students perfectly towards their dream-careers. In addition, after getting a BA degree at this study programme, you can proceed with one of this university’s postgraduate programmes. The degree programmes this university offers are:

  • BA Archaeology & Anthropology
  • MSc in Archaeology
  • MSc in Archaeological Science
  • Masters Degrees in Classical Archaeology

2. University of Cambridge

The undergraduate courses at the Department of Archaeology at the University of Cambridge combine four different study fields, Archaeology, Assyriology, Biological Anthropology, and Egyptology. The undergraduate course is 3 years and it allows a lot of flexibility to give students the freedom to choose their specific interests. In addition, this university offers a wide variety of taught Masters Programmes (MPhil) and an excellent environment for independent research that leads to a PhD. You can qualify in the following degree programmes at this university:

  • BA Archaeology
  • MPhil Archaeology
  • PhD Archaeology

3. University College London, UCL

University College London is a leading multi-disciplinary university, among others. It was founded in the year 1826 in London, and it has been qualifying generations of successful individuals ever since. With around 40,000 students from 150 different countries, this university offers diversity, innovation, and high-quality teaching. It offers the following degree programmes in the field of archaeology:

  • Archaeology with a Placement Year BA
  • Archaeology and Anthropology BA
  • Archaeology BSc
  • Archaeology with a Year Abroad BA
  • Classical Archaeology and Classical Civilisation BA
  • Archaeology BA

4. Durham University

One of three commercial archaeology units based in university departments is located in Durham University. This means you will be getting your hands-on experience through experts. Durham University covers areas from the Palaeolithic to the present. They offer state-of-the-art laboratories and a passionate and highly-qualified staff. This university offers the following degree programmes in archaeology:

  • BA Archaeology
  • BSc Archaeology
  • BA Archaeology and Ancient Civilisations
  • BA Archaeology of the Historic World
  • BA Anthropology and Archaeology
  • BA Ancient History and Archaeology
  • MA Archaeology
  • MSc Bioarchaeology
  • MA in the Conservation of Archaeological and Museum Objects

5. University of York

University of York is one of the leading centres when it comes to archaeology in the UK. York is known as England’s archaeology capital, known to be a rich source of archaeological material. It features surviving remains from the Roman period, to the Georgian and Victorian eras. The department of Archaeology at the University of York has an international outlook and all teaching is research-led. This department is located in King’s Manor, a medieval building in the historic centre of York. The archaeology degree programmes this university offers are:

  • BA Archaeology
  • BSc Archaeology
  • BA Archaeology & Heritage
  • BA Historical Archaeology
  • BSc Bioarchaeology
  • MSc Digital Archaeology
  • MA Historical Archaeology
  • MA Medieval Archaeology
  • MSc Funerary Archaeology
  • MSc Bioarchaeology
  • MA Field Archaeology
  • MA Material Culture and Experimental Archaeology
  • MSc Material Culture and Experimental Archaeology
  • MA Prehistoric Landscape Archaeology
  • MA Funerary Archaeology

6. University of Edinburgh

The School of History, Classics and Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh offers a variety of degree programmes in archaeology. Basically, from prehistoric art to laboratory work, zooarchaeology, and digital applications in archaeology, this university offers them all. At this university, you have the freedom to create the programme you want and achieve your dream career. It offers numerous degree programmes, taught masters degree programme, masters by research, as well as PhD programmes. Some of the courses offered are:

  • MA Archaeology
  • MA Archaeology and Ancient History
  • MA Archaeology and Social Anthropology
  • MA History and Archaeology
  • MA in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History
  • MA in Classical Archaeology and Greek
  • MA in Classical Archaeology and Latin

7. University of Sheffield

University of Sheffield gathers an international community of archaeologists who work hard towards a better future. The Department of Archaeology at this university is at the “leading edge” of modern archaeology providing a large number of staff, vibrant community, innovative teaching, and comfortable study environments; in addition, you can find numerous interesting courses at this university. Integrating humanities and science-based approaches in order to study the past of humanity is what makes University of Sheffield a wise choice to get a qualification. Some of the degree programmes this university offers are:

  • BA Archaeology
  • BSc Archaeology
  • BA Prehistoric Archaeology
  • BA Archaeology and History
  • BA Classical and Historical Archaeology
  • BA Archaeology and Modern Languages & Cultures

8. University of Reading

Ranked among the first universities in the field of Archaeology, University of Reading offers the skills needed to succeed in the workplace. They provide hands-on opportunities, fieldwork, and opportunities to work with experts on research projects. Through their efficient equipment, laboratories, campus museums, and numerous opportunities, students at this university get the skills to analyse human and animal bones, objects, and plant remains so they can better understand society in the past. Some of the degree programmes this university offers are:

  • BA Archaeology
  • BA Archaeology and Anthropology
  • BSc Geography and Archaeology
  • BA Archaeology with Professional Placement
  • BA Archaeology with Study Year Abroad
  • BA Archaeology with Placement and Study Abroad
  • BSc Archaeological Science
  • BA Ancient History and Archaeology
  • BA Ancient History and Archaeology with Professional Placement
  • BA Archaeology and History
  • BA Archaeology and Classical Studies
  • BA Museum Studies and Archaeology

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