Top Universities for Distance Learning in the UK

Distance learning is becoming more and more prominent every day and with the increasing number of universities offering online courses, it is also becoming more accessible around the world. Distance learning has a wide range of benefits, I mean studying from home while also setting your own study timetable is surely an advantage, especially when you want to save up or do not have time to attend campus classes.

Moreover, studying online costs less than a full-time degree, it offers the same qualifications, and you get to learn from highly-qualified experts, just like you would in class. We have compiled a list of the top universities for distance learning in the UK offering efficient and qualitative online programmes for students from all around the world.

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International students choose the UK to pursue their degree due to a variety of reasons. Apart from the academic qualifications, students truly enjoy the whole authentic UK experience. And with thousands of international students arriving from all around the world, the UK has positioned itself among the most favored destinations for international students. That’s not to say that the number of international students enrolled in UK universities only comprises of students who have actually moved to the UK. Many students have taken up classes from home and are currently pursuing their qualification through the means of distance learning.

Here are the top universities for Distance Learning in the UK:

1. University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is one of the top choices for distance learning. You can be looking for a formal qualification or you simply want to boost your knowledge, University of Manchester offers a wide range of online courses for your preference. These courses are web-based and are delivered through self-study. In addition, some programmes even offer a combination of both online and campus learning, better known as blended learning.

The online programmes University of Manchester offers range from taught master’s courses, postgraduate certificates and diplomas, research training, master of research courses, as well as CPD short courses. These programmes are available whether you’re in the UK or anywhere else in the world and they provide you with efficient and necessary skills you need to succeed in your career. University of Manchester uses the virtual learning environment known as Blackboard, through which students can have access to course units, study materials, and materials written by your course instructor.

2. University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool offers a variety of study programmes that are designed to “fit into your busy lifestyle.” Known as Europe’s leading online study provider, this university has been offering online postgraduate degrees since 2000. University of Liverpool offers a flexible environment with a framework available across time zones. The programmes are designed for professionals who have years of job experience and who are aiming to further expand their skill set and qualifications. Continuously ranked among the top 200 universities worldwide, University of Liverpool has the highest number of students studying online than any other university in the UK.

3. Open University

This university is also one of the top institutions offering distance learning courses among others. It is highly-regarded not only in the UK but also internationally for its degree programmes, through which students get to develop their skills and advance their professional development. The Open University offers numerous qualifications taught online, starting from short courses, certificates, diplomas, as well as Honours and Masters degrees. The student satisfaction at this university is significantly high, with many of its students and alumni admitting to have had an excellent experience not only with the quality of teaching but also with the materials that were used. In addition, this university has won numerous awards that recognize the university’s ability to deliver outstanding distance learning courses and complete practical work online by providing remote access to laboratories as well as observatories.

4. University of Northampton

University of Northampton offers a wide range of online business learning programmes that are flexible and designed in a way that students will be able to fit study alongside their other commitments. You will have the opportunity to decide on your own study schedule, engage with fellow students, as well as gain the skills and knowledge to succeed in your dream career. During your time as a student, you will get to study through the materials the university offers, research topics, solve problems, and you’ll also have access to a course tutor. This tutor will support you throughout your studies making sure you don’t stumble upon any issues and finish your programme successfully. This university also offers a number of scholarships and awards to help students with their fees.

5. Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University is a highly ranked educational institution that provides a great number of degree programmes not only on-campus but off-campus as well. Distance learners at this university get full support throughout their programme receiving advice and regular feedback from expert tutors. While enrolled in a course at this university you will get to use their online learning management system, have access to numerous study resources, and attend workshops. In addition, you can find degree programmes in different levels of study at Anglia Ruskin University starting from undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and all the way to short courses.

6. Edinburgh Napier University

Through the online distance learning courses at Edinburgh Napier University, you won’t have to worry about missing out on your degree programme. Their courses are flexible, meaning you will be able to fit them into your schedule just as you see fit. All you need is your laptop and you’re good to go. The Global Online courses at this university have a variety of perks the likes of 24/7 support through their virtual online help desk, no exams, multiple start dates, pay for one module at a time, as well as studying at your own pace. If you finish your course successfully you will earn a globally recognized qualification which will help you build your dream career.

7. University of Birmingham

Distance learning is also available at the University of Birmingham through their wide variety of courses you can take from the comfort of your home, in or outside of the UK. Opting for distance learning means you will have it easier to balance the degree programme with other commitments you might have, be them work, family, or other. You will be offered a lot of encouragement during your studies through the supporting university staff, who will be able to answer any questions you might have in relation to anything regarding university. At University of Birmingham you can choose from a long list of postgraduate degree programmes in a variety of study areas.

8. Nottingham Trent University

At Nottingham Trent University you can enroll in one of the many Master’s degree programmes NTU has to offer. This university provides its online students with the same benefits that campus-based students enjoy. Many experienced professionals have chosen NTU to pursue further qualification and gain access to the online services and distance learning courses the university offers. Moreover, the support staff and lecturers at this university focus on supporting you throughout your study programmes by tailoring the courses to match your skills and preferences to the greatest extent.

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