Accounting and Financial arrangements are at the backbone of the normal functionality in a successful company. Employers will always be looking to hire people with a strong educational background in Accounting and finance. A degree in Accounting and Finance will pave your way to a delightful career in the future.

That said, accounting and finance graduates are much-desired employees. But the competition is fierce. To ease this competition, you need to seek a world-class education which ultimately will set you apart from the crowd. This is what Accounting and Finance universities in UK will offer you.

Below we’ve compiled a list of top universities for accounting and finance in UK:

University of Bath

The School of Management at the University of Bath is valued to be one of the best accounting and finance schools in the UK. Study programs at this university are designed to offer their students a great opportunity to gain applicable skills and knowledge.

At the end of the course, you’ll be ready to use your academic gains in a real-life financial setting.

Currently, this school offers two types of Accounting and Finance study programs, as follows

  • Accounting and Finance – BSc (Hons) 3 years
  • Accounting and Finance – BSc (Hons) 4 years, including a placement year

At the postgraduate level, the university offers a MSc degree program in Accounting and Finance. In this study program, you’ll expand your knowledge over essential topics in financial systems gained in Bachelor. Furthermore, there will be added expertise from other departments like Mathematics so you adapt excellent skills in working out the numbers.

University of Loughborough

Accounting and finance study programs are some of the best and most popular at the University of Loughborough. Many recognized bodies of accounting and finance have approved these courses as highly reliable for the labour market.

These programs aim to equip their candidates with the minimum required level of expertise in accounting and finance so they will be able to use their academic competence in a wide range of financial settings afterwards. They’re designed in such way so the students can easily follow the pace of learning, starting from the most basic concepts in the first years toward deepening their knowledge at more complicated topics in the preceding years.

Highly qualified tutors will be standing by to advise you and evaluate your improvement. Their continually provision and guidance will help you get through different struggling you may have with studying. You also will have the opportunity to practice your knowledge in real-life situations.

University of Leeds

Leeds University Business School is a center of excellence in teaching and research. Study programs in Accounting and Finance are some of the most popular at this university. They offer a deep comprehension of financial planning in a company, covering from the most basic concepts in accounting and finance to some of the biggest issues one business can have. In line with this, tutors at this university will support you to establish a strong basis of advanced knowledge. For the duration of your studies aside from academic credits, you’ll also gain strong personality traits which will indicate your critical thinking and your management of tough situations.

The University of Leeds offers two programs in Accounting and finance

  • BSc Accounting and Finance
  • MSc Accounting and Finance

University of Strathclyde

Department of Accounting and Finance at the University of Strathclyde is one of the most reputed at this university. Thanks to their performance, this department has become a major center of research in accounting and finance. Its student body is very diverse emphasizing this way its excellent reputation among talented scholars. At the present, the Accounting and Finance Department is hosting international students from countries as far as Australia, Bolivia, India and Tanzania.

Study programs in Accounting and Finance at this university cover a wide range of topics like corporate finance, treasury management, derivative markets, bond markets, portfolio performance, volatility in financial markets, international banking, critical accounting, management accounting, social etc.

Both, accounting and finance are taught in combination with various business-related subjects. You can seek the following degrees:

  • Accounting BA (Honours)
  • Finance BA (Honours)
  • Finance MSc
  • MSc Financial Technology
  • MSc International Accounting and Finance
  • MSc International Banking and Finance
  • MSc Investment and Finance
  • MSc in Economics and Finance
  • MSc Finance and Management
  • MSc Quantitative Finance

University of Buckingham

At the University of Buckingham, you’ll get a well-rounded education covering most important accounting and finance issues encountered in financial systems. Your prospective employers afterward will have a candidate who has an intellectual and a personality potential to deal with every kind of problems their company may face.

Accounting and finance are taught separated or in conjunction with another subject. The following are available Accounting and finance study programs at the University of Buckingham

  • BSc Accounting and Finance
  • BSc Accounting and Finance (including integrated foundation)
  • MSc in Accounting and Finance
  • MSc in Finance and Investment
  • MSc in Financial Service Management
  • BSc Computing with Accounting and Finance
  • BSc Computing with Accounting and Finance (including integrated foundation)

London School of Economics

London School of Economics is one of the best universities in UK and worldwide. Their study programs in accounting and finance are valued as some of the best approaches to financial management. Furthermore, their curriculum is constantly shaping itself to adjust to the most actual problems business organizations face daily.

By getting a degree in the department of accounting and finance you’ll possess a strong reliability in managing various financial struggles companies and organizations can have. As such, their graduates enjoy a higher employability in the labour market.

These Accounting and Finance study courses are offered at LSE

  • Accounting and Finance BSc
  • Accounting and Finance Diploma
  • Accounting and Finance MSc
  • MSc Law and Accounting
  • Accounting PhD

University of Bristol

School of Economics, Finance and Management at the University of Bristol is a great opportunity for you to gain an exceptional level of preparation in the area of accounting and finance. Here you can find various study programs, and chances to find something that suits perfectly your interests are higher.

Jointly to establishing a strong basis of knowledge around core concepts, these programs will expand and strengthen your understanding of finance topics. The courses involve additional activities like a semester abroad to make your studying experience much completed.

The Department of Accounting and Finance at the University of Bristol offers the following courses

  • Accounting and Finance BSc
  • Accounting and Finance BSc (with Professional placement)
  • Accounting and Finance BSc (with Study in Continental Europe)
  • Accounting and Management BSc
  • Economics and Accounting BSc
  • Accounting and Finance MSc
  • Finance, Accounting and Management MSc
  • Accounting, Finance and Management MSc
  • Economics, Finance and Management MSc
  • Economics, Accounting and Management MSc

University of Warwick

Accounting and Finance study programs at the highly reputed University of Warwick are designed to help you develop fundamental skills and knowledge around financial issues. Their curriculum tends toward a refined approach always in compliance with the ever-changing demands of the business world.

You will not only get academically prepared to carry on the financial processes in business companies, but you will also develop interpersonal and leadership skills, which are a key point to succeed in this industry.

Following the completion of your Accounting and Finance degree at this university, you will be targeted by numerous potential employers. They will look toward your education as an insurance you have the professional competence and personal confidence to maintain their finances.

At the University of Warwick, these Accounting and Finance courses are offered to you

  • Accounting and Finance BSc
  • Accounting and Finance BSc (with Foundation year)
  • Accounting and Finance MSc
  • Business with Accounting and Finance

University of Exeter

The Welsh university offers some excellent accounting and finance study programs to you. The structure of the Accounting and Finance modules at the University of Exeter will make it easier for you to follow the pace of teaching. In the first year of your studies you will be introduced to many basic concepts around financial issues and during the preceding years, you’ll learn about many specific topics. Your Accounting and Finance degree here will open countless job opportunities in your future.

Here are your options at the University of Exeter

  • Accounting and Business BSc
  • Accounting and Business with European Study BSc
  • Accounting and Business with Industrial Experience BSc
  • Accounting and Business with International Study BSc
  • Accounting and Finance BSc
  • Accounting and Finance with European Study BSc
  • Accounting and Finance with Industrial Experience BSc
  • Accounting and Finance with International Study BSc

University of Nottingham Trent

The University of Nottingham Trent has established study programs in Accounting and Finance to prepare candidates, who are ready to carry on the responsibilities of an accounting and finance professional and confidently face daily problems in the world of business.

The structure of modules in these study programs is made that way so you have constant engage in group discussions over different situations you may encounter in accountancy. This way you’ll improve your critical thinking abilities, your decision-making and the sense of belonging to a group of shared interests.

Optionally, courses may have a placement year, so you can put your knowledge into practice and get tutoring from experienced professionals.

Here are the Accounting and Finance courses available at the University of Nottingham Trent

  • Accounting and Finance BA (Hons)
  • Business Management and Accounting and Finance BA (Hons)
  • Finance and Accounting MSc
  • Finance and Business Investment MSc

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