The UK to charge international students with higher visa application fees

International students who are looking forward to submitting a visa application in the UK will now be charged with higher application fees, the UK Universities announced.

A full set of immigration application fees, including those of international students, is lately released by the British government,

All parties concerned with Home Office Immigration & Nationality Charges 2018 must have information around new fees in prior to application so they won’t be caught by surprise. The whole information needed can be reached easily here

Also, you can easily find an estimated cost of your visa application at this link

International students must pay much attention to these changes as this affects them directly. For example, to process your Tier 4 entry clearance (visa) it may cost to you £153 and about £252 to process a Tier 4 leave to remain application (extension visa).

Here are some application fees international students must pay high attention
Entry clearance (visa) applications outside the UK

  • Standard – £348 (£335)
  • Priority visa service – £560 (£519)
  • Super priority visa service – £1,304 (£1,254)
  • User-pay visa application centre – £55 (£55)

Leave to remain (extension) applications in the UK

  • Standard – £475 (£457)
  • Priority service – £952 (£916)
  • Premium service – £1,085 (£1,047)
  • Super premium service – £10,500 (£10,500)

Students who aim to stay in the UK for a shorter period of time:

For stays up to six months – £97 (£93) and remains free for non-visa nationals who apply when arriving in the UK

More than six and up to 11 months – £186 (£179)

British university leaders have called upon certain actions to prevent any further fall in international students’ applications following the slight fall in the international application after the Brexit was voted. It’s a highly predictable scenario that this will frustrate them as many foreign students may feel this an additional side effect of Brexit and may give up from coming to study in the UK.

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