The Cost of an Online Degree in UK

The cost of an online degree in UK is one of two main reasons alongside flexibility, why this mode of study has become very popular among international students. Many students like you, prefer to attend a more relaxed schedule of studies and affordable in terms of short-term costs so an online degree is a perfect fit.

There are a lot of things that make these type of courses this much advantageous. In contrast to the regular campus-based courses, an online degree can be achieved all through online means. This feature alleviates the cost of accommodation and reduces the tuition fee in short terms, which are normally two major expenses an international student has to deal with.

For the most part of your studies, you will have your own word over the course structure, which is true for both study modules and lectures’ itinerary, enabling you to tailor its study modules to your academic interests. In regular courses, the schedule of your classes is fixed and set from university bodies,  and it’s hard for you to adjust your daily routine to it, especially if you work.

On top of all this, professional personal tutors you’ll be taught from in an online course is an assurance you’ll get the best deal from your degree. To a certain degree you can reach him for any query at any time and ask for any minor issue you may have with the teaching material.

If you want to get such degree in UK you have countless options available as explained in our article. In addition to the variety of courses, the total cost of getting an online degree in UK is affordable.

How much does it cost to get an online degree in UK?

In an online degree course in UK you will only have to deal with university’s fee costs as the attendance can be carried out from your home.. Since universities are allowed to set their own international fees, the cost of getting an online degree varies greatly.

Overall, the variables of such cost are the university of your choice and the type of your course you want to undertake.

As you would expect, particular courses carry higher fees compared to some others, while at the same time some universities are more expensive than some others.

It is almost a rule of thumb (quite obvious from the perspective of an economic expert indeed) that popular universities and courses for which UK is particularly known for applying higher international fees.

On the other hand, if your course is short and leads you to a certain certificate rather than an academic degree the cost will be much lower than for common degrees. For example, if you attend a short course at the University of Oxford, fees start at slightly above £200.

That given, is very hard to give a one-answer-fits-all-size about what is the cost of getting an online degree in the UK, however, the range of tuition fees for these types of courses lies between £2,500 and £15,000 at the maximum, so the average cost is somewhere around £8,500.

Note that at some universities you can encounter higher fees for particular courses. For example, an online MBA degree at one of the best UK universities for distance learning, the University of Essex,  the international tuition fees for an MBA degree reach £19,000.

What are the most expensive online courses in UK?

It is almost a rule of thumb that popular degrees are more expensive at the same time to attend. Thus, MBA online degrees in UK are listed at the top as the most expensive online degree in UK. Psychology and Engineering-related degrees make up the list of third most expensive online degrees in UK.

On the other side, the following degree courses are amongst the cheapest online degrees in UK

  • Health degree studies
  • Environmental Studies
  • Sport Sciences

Are there any other costs in an online degree course in UK?

Although you won’t have to pay for accommodation and other costs, typically for studying abroad, there are chances your online course in the UK may carry a few additional costs apart from international fees.

If your course involves experimental sessions or experiment-based projects, the university won’t help you with that issue. To complete these tasks you will need to purchase specific equipment and this can account for a certain price.

Note that there are some courses which are conducted partly online and partly on campus.

If this is the case with you, usually your university will allow you to use their laboratories to complete your projects.

Moreover, if you’re a foreigner, but you can still travel to the UK to visit your university, you’ll be allowed to use their laboratories even if the course of your choice is carried out entirely online.

Since you’re here, you might appreciate having a list of UK universities offering online courses and their respective international tuition fees per annum

University Average fees for online undergraduate degrees Average fees for online postgraduate degrees
Nottingham Trent University £11,000 £15,000
The University of Law Business School £6,500 £10,000
The Open University £5,800 £11,000
The University of London £3,000 £3,000
University of Derby £2,500 £8,000
University of Oxford £4,650 £9,000
University of Essex £4,620 £6,000
Anglia Ruskin University £4,500 £5,000
University of Birmingham £3,500 £4,000
University of Edinburgh £4,000 £5,000