Summer schools in UK for international students

Going to a summer school is a right choice for those who refuse to let the prolonged summer holidays turn their brains off. Besides numerous academic benefits, enrolling a summer school is an amazing chance to meet new people and new cultures. This way you’ll learn new skills and expand the actual ones. And the UK is a country will undoubtedly make it even more special.

British higher education is worldwide known and valued for its quality and attending a summer university in the UK will give you a real impression of it. UK universities offer a large number of summer school courses covering almost every study field so you will certainly find one of your interest.

What is a summer school?

Well, this is surely a no-brainer, but for the sake of information, we’ll give a definition of what a summer school actually is. A summer school is a short off-term course enduring for a week or so. Enrollees attend lectures on a specific subject and participate in different professional and cultural activities. Their purpose is to enhance students’ knowledge around a subject and serve as a bridge of communication with their peers from different countries and cultures. In the US, summer schools are called enrichment programs.

Why go to a summer school in the UK?

There are countless reasons why you should definitely aim to go to a summer school in the UK. You don’t even need to ask anybody who has previously tried the experience before you what it feels like and what benefits it brings afterward. Below we give some of the benefits of attending a summer course in the UK.

Stand out from the crowd – Nowadays the competition to enter a world-class university is fierce but is your only way to seek a successful career. How can the university admission board, notice your application when most of the applicants are expected to have higher grades? In order for you to step into these universities, you must show an outstanding educational preparation. Moreover, in addition to term-time courses, extracurricular courses like those offered a summer school will greatly improve your CV and make the difference.

A unique academic experience – In summer schools, a university usually invites foreign renowned professors to hold lectures in their professional field. British universities are proud of having of some of the best academics in the world. These renowned professors will be sharing their valuable theoretical knowledge and experimental work with you. Classes count on fewer people than term-time classes so the professor will have enough time for each of you and respond to any of your questions. If you’re willing to learn new things that you wouldn’t normally learn in traditional courses, a summer school is a right place.

Learn English – Having a higher level of English knowledge means a higher employability and higher chances for you to enroll an English taught university in the future. Today when the world has become more interconnected, companies and businesses are seeking for employers that can run their communication with partners all around the globe. Universities, on the other hand, scope for fluent English speakers who will be adjusted in academic settings in no time. You may have been learning English for years but being in an environment of fluent English speakers will be a totally different experience from what you had in your home country.

Study a subject not offered in term time courses – For students that are driven by a desire to learn more than what they have received from their term-time courses a summer school in the UK is a place to go. There is a broad range of courses offered in British summer schools so why not try to choose one that has nothing to do with your profession. It would be a great and challenging experience. Add to this the fact that there will be renowned professors holding lectures from whom you can learn a lot of things.

Make new friends – The last one on our list, but not less important. Apart from lectures, summer schools have a lot of extra activities like excursions. This is a great opportunity to have fun and to make new friends from different countries of the world in the process. You’ll get to know about their culture, traditions and customs and this will give you an envision of places you have never been before. Furthermore, you can keep your friendship alive even when the summer university is over and why not make a travel to each one’s home country. What’s better than when you’re out from your home there’s always a second home you can stay at?

How to apply?

Now that you have decided to enroll a summer university in the UK, the next step is applying. Because summer schools’ application procedure depends entirely on the university you have chosen there are different pathways you can get. To avoid any mistake it’s highly suggested to contact them personally so you won’t miss any detail. However, you can expect to have some common documents required by the university. These documents include a proof that you are currently attending a university in your home country and a proof of your English proficiency. As for your language level, the university may set an English examination test for applicants or you can just show up with a proficiency document like, for example, TOEFL. Also, a university (this is more likely for highly ranked universities) can be even more selective setting a minimum GPA students must have in order to enter the course. For additional prerequisites, we advise you to email the university by yourself. After you’re done with documents, submit them to university’s online application portal or send them in a mail if required.

Some summer schools in the UK for international students

There is a long list of summer schools organized in British universities that is nonsense if we try to count on them. The statement that every university organizes summer schools for international students in the UK is nothing far from the truth. With this being said, you can just put your finger on the map and the university you would like to attend and there you go. We’re only mentioning some of the best summer schools in the UK you’ll have to check before moving on to less attractive options.

Summer Business School – The renowned University of London School of Business & Finance organizes one of the best summer schools for international students who are keen on economics-related subjects. It starts in July and lasts for three weeks.

English Language – For those who aim to strengthen their English skills the Language Gallery offers a fantastic summer school. Introduced lately as a summer program, the English Language course contains 15+ hours of English lectures, excellent teachers, evening gatherings, accommodation in center of the London and more. The course starts in July and lasts for one week.

The University of Leicester Summer School – the University of Leicester offers another great summer course where students have the opportunity to attend high-quality lectures and participate in many extra social events

The University of Cambridge Summer Science School – One of the best universities in the world offers a high-quality summer course in science. If you’re attending a science faculty in your university or you just like to know more about science you should definitely consider this summer school. The program involves lectures, practical classes and evening talks.

University of London Public Financial Management Summer School – Another great summer course for those studying in economics-related subjects. The course is held on university’s campus for 19 days and it starts in August.

The Oxford University Summer School – The University of Oxford offers a summer school in English for the high scholars who are willing to enroll an English taught university.

The University of Edinburgh Business Communication and Social Media Summer School – Students with a background on marketing should definitely take into consideration this summer course. You’ll be taught different marketing strategies and the use of social media on it. The course starts on July and lasts for 2 weeks.

Summer School in Psychology and Neuroscience at University of St. Andrews – Another Scottish university with a good summer course in Psychology and Neuroscience. The course starts in June and lasts for 3 weeks. This university offers some other summer schools you might give it a look.

University of Southampton Summer School – The University of Southampton offers a wide range of summer courses with many new ones introduced each year. This summer school start on 16 July and ends on 10 August.

University of Exeter Summer School – In the University of Exeter many different courses including study fields like Technology, Social Sciences, Enterprise etc. Three new course programs are added for 2018 summer school: Contract Law, Human Right Law, Past, Present & Future of Violence.

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