Private Universities in UK

Private universities in UK are a perfect value for money. Despite that they might not be as popular as many famous public universities, your degree in a private university will benefit you almost equally as state-funded educational institutions.

In addition to offering pretty much the same astonishing quality of education as their public counterparts, leading professorship and modern facilities there are a lot of other things you will like about private universities in the UK.

There’s a wide selection of degree courses and each comes with a set of unique specifics. Highly research-focused and flexible, they’re designed to equip you with long-standing theoretical and practical knowledge.

The number of students in private universities in the UK is relatively small compared to public universities and this brings a lot of benefits along. Small-size classes account for a much more efficient and entertaining learning environment because you get to receive plenty of one-on-one training with your professors.

Private universities also pride an international outlook welcoming many international students every passing year. Therefore, by pursuing your degree in a private university in the UK you will expose yourself to a variety of foreign cultures and you’re going to live a fulfilling international experience.

On top of that, due to teaching and research excellence, private universities in the UK have built a strong reputation among employers. Once you get that degree you will have countless career opportunities ahead.

All that said, private universities in the UK are an option worth considering for your studies. However, many international like you have heard more about public universities, therefore, are little aware of what private universities there are in the UK and what they have to offer?

Here is a list of private universities in the UK:

The University of Law

The University of Law applies high education standards and it is identified as a highly reputed and respected higher education institution in the UK. Your law degree at this amazing university will equip you with a deep understanding of a wide set of legal issues.

In addition to strengthening your comprehension abilities, you’re going to acquire other applicable skills and knowledge and much-needed in your job as a lawyer.

Location: Guildford, England.

Number of students: 8,000.

Popular Degrees: Law and Business Degrees.

University of Buckingham

The University of Buckingham is a fantastic university. Located in an amazing location surrounded by plenty of wildlife and breathtaking nature sights, and home to many international students you’re going to love every second of your student life at this place. The university offers a high-quality education required to accomplish your professional goals.

Location: Buckingham, England.

Number of Students: 2,500.

Popular Degrees: Health and Medicine, Social Studies and Humanities.

Regent’s University London

Regent’s University London ranks high in national university rankings. A variety of degree courses, unique study modules and plenty of job opportunities afterwards are just some of the reasons why this university deserves your consideration. Their reputation has already gone beyond national borders and it attracts a large number of international students. This will be a lifetime opportunity for you to emerge yourself in an inspiring and unique student community.

Location: London, England.

Number of students: 3,500.

Popular Degrees: Liberal Arts and Humanities, Business Management and Psychology.

St Mary’s University

St Mary’s University, it stands alongside the best private universities in the UK. Modern facilities, countless degree courses, flexible study modules and professional academic staff will make your studying experience fulfilling, both professionally and personally. Located in one of the most exciting cities in the world, St Mary’s University in London will make you have no regrets about your study choices.

Location: London, England.

Number of students: 5,000 students.

Popular Degrees: Theology, Business and Sports.

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is one of the best private universities for their degree courses in the field of music and art. During your studies here, you’ll get to learn from some of the leading artists who will help you to unveil your true artistic potential and encourage you to follow your professional dreams.

Location: Glasgow, Scotland.

Number of students: 1,500.

Popular Degrees: Music, Acting and Education.

Plymouth Marjon University

Otherwise referred to as the University of St Mark and St John, the University of Plymouth is another brilliant private university in the UK. Their performance in relevant rankings is impressive and the rate of students’ satisfaction is high. From acting to business subjects, there are a lot of available degrees at the University of Plymouth.

Location: Plymouth, England.

Number of students: 2,500.

Popular Degrees: Art and Humanities, Sports and Business.

Richmond, The American International University in London

At the Richmond, The American International University in London you’ll attend an education which is built upon common values and principles of the two global education leaders, the UK and the US. As a university with a highly accentuated international outlook, Richmond is highly committed to preparing you to push your intellectual boundaries and enriching your studying experience in so many ways. The main element that differentiates this university from the rest is their investment in one-on-one mentorship programs. You can also participate in numerous internship programs which are designed to help you gain a complete set of practical skills needed to succeed in your career.

Location: London, England.

Number of students: 1,000.

Popular Degrees: Business and Humanities.

Plymouth College of Art

Plymouth College of Art is a gathering point for prominent artists and promising students. Apart from the fact that there are many attractive degree courses, Plymouth is valued teaching and research values. Home to excellent students of different nationalities and highly regarded academics, this university provides an exciting and motivating learning environment. All that taken into consideration, it is for sure that your degree at the Plymouth College of Art will set you on the right toward a successful and profitable future career.

Location: Plymouth, England.

Number of students: 1,500.

Popular Degrees: Film and Fashion.

European School of Economics

The European School of Economics is an exceptional private university which aims to set modern concepts of higher education. This university has three other campuses located in Rome, Milan, Florence alongside the one located in London. However, all of them share a unique sense of cooperation in order to offer their students a special studying experience. Its business degrees are designed to have as an outcome business professionals who are able to independently face and resolve daily and long-term challenges in the business world.  ESE maintains strong links with relevant organizations where you can attend different internship programs and also gain attention from prospective interested employers.

Location: London.

Number of students: 1,000.

Popular Degrees: Business, Arts and Sports.

BPP University

BPP University is another fantastic private university in the UK. It has four different schools: Law School, School of Business and Technology, School of Nursing and School of Health. Home to about 15,000 students, this university attributes its success in the academic world their unmatched commitment and investment in education. The thing you will like most about this amazing university is that they are engaged in many close relationships with successful local and international companies. An indication of that is that over 92% of their undergraduates enter employment soon as they enter the labor market.

Location: London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds and Manchester.

Number of students: 7,000.

Popular Degrees: Law, Business, and Nursing.

British Institute of Technology BITE

British Insititute of Technology BITE is a private educational institution located in London. Their study programs are designed upon modern educational values for the purpose of equipping with all necessary skills to succeed in your future career.

Location: London, England.

Number of students: 500.

Popular Degrees: Business.