Living in the UK

  • Health and Medical Treatment in UK

    If you are going to study in UK, then one thing that you have to consider is health insurance. Sure, you may be insured in the United States, but what […]

  • Best Things To Do In UK

    There are a variety of other things that you may want to do while you’re in UK. Here are some of the major ones that your colleagues may encourage you […]

  • Accommodation in UK

    Accommodation in UK is the first and the biggest challenge you’ll have to tackle as a foreign student. Most common types of accommodation for international students in UK are: University […]

  • Student Life in the UK

    You’re still undecided about going to UK for university study? Or maybe you’re looking here because you’ve decided, but you want to know exactly what your student life will look […]

  • Cost of Living in UK

  • About England

  • British Culture and Social Norms