The international students’ growth over the years

  • The UK is the second most popular study destinations worldwide. Currently, it counts over a million international students (alongside with the US)
  • In 2017, there were 5% more international enrollments compared to a year ago, and an increase of 4.1% compared to 2012/13
  • As of 2016/17, 442,375 foreigners started studying in UK

What countries do international students in UK come from?

  • Biggest international students distributors in the UK are China, India, Pakistani, Egypt, Nigeria, Malaysia.
  • Chinese students shared slightly over 21% (95,090) of the total enrollments in British universities as of 2016/17
  • The second most enrolled international students in 2016/17 were US students with 17,580 enrollments
  • European students counted to 78,405 enrollments in 2016/17

Top EU countries that send the most international students to UK

  • EU students are one of the largest portions of international students in the UK
  • EU countries which send the highest number of students to study in the UK are Germany, France and Italy
  • According to the official statistics, in 2016/17, 13,735 German students started their degree in a UK university
  • With 6,585 students sent to study, Bulgaria shared the smallest number of EU students enrolled in the UK in 2016/17

Which British country they study most

  • 363,585 students out of 442,375 international students enrolled in 2016/17 were studying in an English university
  • 52,290 international students enrolled in 2016/17 chose a Scottish university
  • Wales counted for 21,206 international students enrolled in 2016/17
  • Only, 5,290 of international students enrolled in 2016/17 were studying in Northern Ireland

Most popular study subjects by international students

  • British Business Schools remain the most desired universities for international schools in UK
  • In 2016/17, 121,675 international scholars started their business degree
  • Engineering and Technology was the second most preferred study subject for foreigners with 52,545 international students enrolling such degree course
  • During 2016/17 academic year, only 1,264 foreign students chose a Veterinary Science study program, the least most preferred study fields of international students

Common degree level international students study in UK

  • The majority of international students in the UK seek a First degree
  • According to the statistics, 236,090 international students in 2016/17 enrolled in a First degree
  • 149,760 international students started their Postgraduate (taught) degree
  • Whereas 47,395 international students enrolled a Postgraduate (research) course and 17,420 enrolled other undergraduate courses

How much it costs to study in the UK

  • UK universities are allowed to charge resident students up to £9,250, and at some universities, this may involve international students also
  • Additionally, the UK visa regulation requires you to have at least £1,015 in your bank account monthly
  • In Northern Ireland, you’d expect cheaper tuition fees. For example, as an EU student in an NI university, you will be paying £4,160 per an academic year.
  • In general, at its minimum international students will have to pay £10,000 per year for their tuition fees, up to over £38,000.
  • Costs of living in the UK are significantly higher, but you can save quite a lot by making the proper selection of your place of living. In London is more expensive than in a rural area and is more expensive in downtown areas than in a suburb neighborhood. Overall, your basic monthly expenses will be around £1,000 to £1,500.

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