EU students enrolling England’s universities will carry same tuition fees as residents after Brexit

Every EU student that enters the first academic year at an English university as of autumn 2019, will be charged same tuition fees as resident students, the government says.

In an announcement released recently by the British government, it is made clear once again that EU students enrolling at an England’s university until the autumn semester 2019 will have to pay same tuitions for their education as their resident peers.

Under the actual tuition fee policy, Britons pay up to £9,250 per an academic year at a university. As stated in the Government’s announcement EU students enrolling before autumn 2019 will have to pay this much per an academic year throughout their entire degree course. In addition to carrying the same tuition fees, EU students will enjoy the benefits of seeking financial support similar to resident students. Those who will enroll after this deadline will be treated equally to other international students, so the cost of studying in UK is higher.

The education secretary, Damian Hinds, said that the UK’s government wants to make this thing clear once and for all. He emphasized that the UK wants to be accessible to every talented scholar that is looking upon attending a British university.

This news is expected to relieve UK universities over their fear of how much the uncertainty of Brexit would hurt their world-class reputation. Following the first university fall after Brexit was voted in 2016 there was a drop in international applications, including here those coming from EU students.

Scotland has previously clarified the status of EU and other international students that will enroll a Scottish university by publicly and firmly telling their policies over tuition fees and financial support access that international students will enjoy after Brexit. University’s representatives made their appeal to the Government to follow these steps in England’s universities too. Their pressure and voices have finally been heard.

Universities feared that they would face a bigger loss in years to come, but high-quality and reputation of British universities claimed their dominance over politics. According to the official statistics the number of EU applications in UK universities in 2018 grew by 2% and by 8% of other international students.

International education is one of the greatest export sectors in the UK and therefore one of the most profitable in the country. Currently, there are over a million international students seeking their degrees in the UK with EU students sharing a large portion of them.

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