EU applications at UK universities are increasing despite Brexit

As of 30 June 2019, a number of 50,650 EU students applied to UK universities which compared to two years ago represented a slight increase of 3%, according to the latest application statistics revealed by UCAS.

The ongoing uncertainty over tuition fees EU students will be charged after Brexit does not seem to have deterred ambitious students from European countries to head toward British universities. At least not until now.

Based on the latest application data collected by UCAS, the online application platform through which most universities collect applications a total of 50,650 EU students have submitted an application for a degree program in British universities as of June 2019.

Compared to application statistics collected during the 2018 June application deadline a slight increase of 1% is noted, whereas compared to 2017 the number has increased by 3 percentage points.

Official data also provide a lot of helpful insights as per what are the most favourite degree programs EU students prefer at UK universities. Once again business-related degrees made into the top of the list of most popular degree courses for EU applicants.

As of June 2019, the UCAS collected 35,050 applications from EU students. Other degree programs which appeared also very popular among EU applicants included Creative Arts and Design (21,860 applications), Biological Sciences (21,360) and Social Studies (19,320 applications). Better still not all universities in the UK support applications through UCAS so it’s likely there are many more applications from EU students.

EU countries are a massive source of international students in the UK. The latest enrollment data provided by the Higher Education Statistics Agency show that as of 2017/18 EU students accounted for a proportion of 30% of all non-UK students enrolled in British universities.

Ever since the referendum vote in June 2016 universities in the UK were under alarm that political situation will have a major impact in their EU enrollment. To further strengthen their worries UCAS application dropped slightly between June 2016 and 2017. But since then statistics have shown that the number of EU applications has increased regularly.

The UK universities have often voiced their concerns over the impact of a possible loss of EU students would have in their budget and their reputation as well. They have constantly urged the Government to address this issue and clarify plans over future tuition fees for EU students. So far the British Government has only assured there would be no changes in tuition fees and student loans access for EU students who commence their studies in the UK as of 2019/20, but the future remains uncertain still.

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