In today’s world, we carry almost every daily activity through computers and other technology devices which store and transfer our valuable data. Aside from countless benefits, these devices expose us to various digital threats concerning our privacy and safety.

The number and the scale of these digital threats are increasing rapidly while the number of trained experts who can successfully oppose these attacks is small. Thus, cyber security experts are estimated to be amongst most in-demand professionals in the future.

That said, with a degree in cyber security you’ll set yourself in an endless pool of highly paid jobs and challenging careers. But there are limited options to you at the present because offering cyber security courses require a lot of professional expertise and a large budget that not many universities can offer or afford. Fortunately, this is not the case with UK universities because many of them offer outstanding study programs in cyber security.

UK universities offer numerous cyber security courses at all academic levels. Their study module focuses on important concepts related to digital safety matters and includes hands-on practical sessions aiming to prepare future experts.

UK universities offer various study programs in Cyber Security:

  • Cyber Security Short courses
  • Cyber Security Continuing Professional Development
  • Cyber Security Undergraduate Courses
  • Cyber Security Research Degrees
  • Cyber Security PhD Degrees

What does Cyber Security Courses UK cover?

Cyber Security courses in UK universities cover a wide range of topics related to IT systems. To a larger degree, they are very flexible, allowing you to tailor them according to your preferential choices. However, it depends on universities, the academic level you’re studying and main goals of the course.

Note that there are courses where security of information systems is taught in conjunction with another minor subject to prepare you to use your computing expertise in different contexts and this may indicate a portion of your study modules.

Regarding that Cyber Security is a quite new study field, study modules can be subject to constant revision to adjust with cutting-edge scientific improvements.

UK cyber security courses focus on the following topics:

  • Programming
  • Cyber Security fundamentals
  • Algorithms and Data Types
  • Information systems and Databases
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Cryptography
  • Network Security
  • Cyber Crime
  • Digital Forensics
  • Penetration Testing
  • Network Management
  • Software Development

Cyber Security Undergraduate Courses UK

UK cyber security undergraduate courses aim to equip you with a core and profound understanding of major concepts in cyber security necessary to move up to further academic level or seek a job.

In UK you have a lot of options to choose among and regardless of your interests, there will certainly be a program that will match them. You can either decide to seek an Honours degree or a single one.

Many UK cyber security undergraduate courses are taught jointly with another subject aiming to prepare you for a specific job environment. For example, you can study cyber security as you major degree in conjunction with business management as your minor.

Typically, UK universities, design their undergraduate courses individually, but you can expect to gain a grounding knowledge in basic concepts related to information management, information systems and data protection.

All UK Cyber security undergraduate courses are research-based and involve practical sessions. Universities run numerous partnership agreements with local and international technology companies where you can attend practise sessions. After your graduation, these places can turn into a workplace for you.


Entry requirements for an undergraduate cyber security course are set individually by universities, but overall the following documents are required from you

  • High school leaving certificate
  • Grades
  • Language proficiency
  • References (if you have any)

Note that grades play a major role in your admission. Candidates must have a certain number of GCSE subjects or equivalent entrance examinations and higher grades in particular subjects which are related to computing.

Also, note that entry requirements for an undergraduate cyber security course in the UK change variously between universities so it’s recommended you always contact them personally.

Cyber Security Postgraduate UK courses

A bachelor’s degree in cyber security can grant a lot of job opportunities, but if you’re an ambitious student who aims to become an expert, then a postgraduate course in the UK is the perfect option for you.

These courses cover a wide range of skills and knowledge which enables you to deeply understand information security matters and generate solutions to major challenges you’ll face in your career. It won’t only help you to settle in a highly paid job, but also helps you to become a highly-regarded professional.

Entry requirements

Requirements for entering a cyber security postgraduate course in UK depend on the university of your choice. Knowing that the academic level For that we recommend you to always the university in person and ask for details regarding entry requirements.

Aside from variations, the following documents are required to apply for a cyber security course in UK:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Grades
  • Language proficiency
  • Work Experience

Note that you won’t necessarily need a Bachelor’s degree in cyber security since most universities in the UK admit any other bachelor’s degree related to computing subjects.

Future Careers

Future employability is the main attractive element about getting a UK cyber security degree. Employers are aware that not many universities in the world can prepare employees with the necessary skills as UK universities do. As such, you will always stand out of the crowd in the job market.

In addition to having unlimited job opportunities, cyber security graduates in UK are highly paid for their work. With all these in mind is quite obvious why UK Cyber Security courses are much-desired from international students.

Below are just some of the jobs you can seek while holding a cyber security degree in UK

  • Strategic analyst
  • Cyber Security Manager
  • IT security manager
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Data privacy officer
  • Security Architect
  • Security software developer
  • Cyber Security Administrative Consultant
  • Cyber Security University Tutor
  • Global Information Security Analyst
  • Virus Technician
  • Security Consultant
  • Cryptographer or Cryptologist
  • Lead Software Security Engineer
  • Penetration Tester

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