Computer Science salaries in the UK are one of the highest in the country.

Your career as a computer scientist is both exciting and highly rewarding.

In the ongoing digital age, the need for professional experts in computer science is ever-growing. Thanks to their creativity and innovation, the technology is changing our everyday lives.

At the same time, the disparity between the market’s demands and the short-supply for these professionals accounts for high employability and high salaries.

The UK universities are global leaders for their computer science schools and their world-class appealing is an assurance that your computer science degree in UK will make you a desirable employee.

In addition, the UK is one of the world’s biggest technology powerhouses, acclaiming many national and international technology companies. These big employers are eagerly looking for young, enthusiastic computer scientists to hire.

On top of that, computer scientists are among the highest paid employees in UK. So how much you’ll earn in UK with a computer science degree?

It is estimated that a computer science graduate in UK earns above £20,000 in an entry-level job while with a few years of work experience annual salary can reach at around £100,000.

The salaries for Computer Science graduates in UK layout in a wide spectrum. On average, a computer science practitioner in UK earns around £50,000 per year. Overall, your earnings as a Computer Science expert will range from about £20,000 in an entry-level job to around £100,000 after years of experience.

Where you’ll stand at this range it depends on several factors which we explain in more details below

Your salary as a computer science graduate in the UK will depend on the following:

  • Your education
  • The position/job you hold
  • Your work experience
  • The location
  • The company you work at

1. Education

In principle, a simple rule applies: the higher your education, the higher your earnings. Those who hold a higher degree in computer science are more competent and consequently are more desirable employees for high-paying jobs. Surely, a Bachelor degree in Computer science will help you to land a good job, but if you aspire to earn more we highly recommend you seek higher education. Also, equal to attending education you must take part in different extra-curricular training sessions because employers will highly appreciate it.

2. The position / job you hold

You cannot expect to get promoted the first day you enter the job market. A senior software developer, for example, earns more than an IT assistant in an entry-level job. But there’s no need to feel discouraged because regardless your earnings will be highly satisfying.

Naturally, in an entry-level job, you will earn less than someone who’s been in this industry for several years. Senior Software developers, for example, earn more compared to an IT assistant.

In addition to this, your computer science degree makes you an adequate candidate to work in numerous different sectors within a company so you can easily manage to get promoted and earn more.

3. Your work experience

Experience is the shifting mechanism that helps you upgrade from a professional practitioner to a top computer science expert. Big companies to whom the security and the maintenance of computer systems it is of essential importance, are desperately trying to find experienced professionals who can handle these challenging tasks.

Just a few years after you enter this industry your professional services will be much sought-after. Your relevant experience will open to you countless job opportunities from big employers which in addition to an exciting career will also be quite profitable.

4. The location

In big cities like London and Edinburgh, Computer Science employees are paid higher than in smaller cities.

Your location also accounts for your earnings. In principle, salaries for computer scientists are higher in cities like London, Edinburgh and Manchester.

The table below shows the average salary for Computer Science in some cities of the UK

5. The company you work at

There are countless employers in UK where you can work with a degree in computer science, from small enterprises to international.

The UK is home to many national and international companies, thus indicating a range of salaries for computer science. If you manage to find a job in a big company your financial gains will surely be higher compared to working in a smaller company.

Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science

Computer Science encompasses several study disciplines and depending on what is your chosen area your earnings will change accordingly.

Given below are the average salary for some of the highest paying jobs in Computer Science in UK

Software Developer

Salary: £55,000

Degree: Computer Science, Software Development


Software Engineer

Salary: £50,000

Degree: Computer Science, Software Engineering


Cyber Security Expert

Salary: £60,000

Degree: CS-related degree



Salary: £30,000

Degree:  Computer Science


Data Analyst

Salary: 37,000

Degree: Computer Science, Maths, Statistics


Network Manager

Salary: £43,000

Degree: Computer Science, Information Science, Computer Engineering


Web Developer

Salary: £48,000

Degree: Computer Science (a degree in Design Graphic can also be required)


IT Project Manager

Salary: £45,000

Degree: Computer Science, Information Science, Computer Science and Management

Where do Computer Science graduates earn more?

The range of salaries for Computer Science in UK varies from city to city. Given below is the average salary for computer science experts in some of the UK cities:

  • London – £68,500
  • Edinburgh – £66,000
  • Cardiff – £55,000
  • Manchester – £44,000
  • Liverpool – £42,700
  • Belfast – £34,000

An important note

The best thing about computer science is that a university degree is not always necessary for finding a job as a computer scientist. There are many people who are self-taught computer science practitioners and earn equal to their well-educated peers.

However,  we encourage you to get a CS-related degree because it will pave a much faster and safe road to a better job. On the other hand, if you rely only on your personal education then it may be harder for you to land a good job which satisfies your financial and career goals.

Also, keep in mind that formal education is not all about getting that degree. Study programs are heavily loaded with practice sessions and other extra-curricular activities which will help you fit the market’s demands and consequently be a more employable graduate.

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