Chinese international students prefer the UK over the US, survey finds

According to the results of the annual survey 2019 Chinese Student Overseas Study, the UK has overtaken the US as the most popular study choice for Chinese students, says

Claimed among global leaders, the US universities have traditionally been a major attraction to talented Chinese students, but the situation is changing as their interest is shifting due to a rough political agenda and war trade between China and the US.

A proportion of 20.14% of respondents chose the UK as their top favourite study choice more than any other country. On the other hand, the US came second in this list with 17.05% of participating students claiming the US to their most favourite study choice.

Australia (15.08%), Hong Kong(13.02%) and Canada(9.19%) followed in this list.

To this date, Chinese are the largest group of international students in global higher education. Statistically, they account for over than 17% of international students worldwide. Moreover, in countries which are the most favourite study destinations in the world like the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and Germany they share the highest proportion of international students.

For years on, the UK has been the second most popular choice for Chinese students abroad and their number has been increasing on a year-on-year basis. Latest enrollment statistics collected from the UK universities show that over 106,000 chinese students are currently attending university in the UK. Compared to the 2013/14 academic year when there were 87,900 chinese students enrolled in UK universities an increase of 21% is noted.

On June 3 the Chinese Government issued a warning to their students who want to study in the US to take into consideration possible risks originating from new visa policies introduced lately by Trump’s administration. This announcement came after the US and China have entered an intensified trade war.

The UK has a lot of outstanding universities which are highly ranked and offer a wide variety of study programs. In the current situation, they seem to be a way better option than US universities.

Amid fears of loss of EU enrollment, the UK universities are willing to focus their international education strategies more in non-EU students. In this account, it is likely that the number of Chinese students will still increase in the future.

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