Best Universities for Sociology in UK

Studying sociology will help you understand how societies shape us as well as how we shape societies. Getting a qualification in one of the best universities in the UK means you will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to be the best at what you do.

UK universities are known for their world-class education and academic expertise; in addition, they offer unique, comfortable, and efficient study and learning environments. Sociology equips you with knowledge about social interactions and society. It gives you the needed skills in the job market, such as analytical thinking, problem solving, getting and interpreting information, and so on.

The UK has become one of the first study choices for international students. Thousands of international students enroll in UK universities every year, in a variety of degree programmes and fields of study. The satisfaction rate among students is quite high, and the quality education UK universities offer is recognized globally. Universities in the UK are constantly ranked on top among worldwide universities in the world’s major rankings.

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Here are the best universities for Sociology in the UK:

1. University of Oxford

University of Oxford is one of the best when it comes to studying Sociology, but not only. The Department of Sociology at this university provides its students with world-class teaching and first-class facilities. Students get numerous opportunities to advance and stand-out from the crowd. The undergraduate programme in Sociology at the University of Oxford is studied as part of three interdisciplinary degrees: Human Sciences, Philosophy, Politics & Economics, and History & Politics. In addition, every year, around thirty people enroll in this university’s MSc and MPhil degrees. University of Oxford offers the following degree programmes in Sociology:

  • MSc in Sociology
  • MPhil in Sociology and Demography
  • DPhil in Sociology

2. The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Through its up-to-date and research-led teaching, the Department of Sociology at this university offers some of the best study conditions for ambitious students in the field of sociology. Students get to benefit from a diverse study environment and a global perspective at LSE. The bachelor degree programme in Sociology offers in-depth knowledge on social action, social processes, and institutions. While enrolled at this study programme, students will get to compare various types of social life and societies, they will learn about the methods of social research, and manage to carry research on their own. The degree programmes this university offers are:

  • BSc Sociology
  • MSc Sociology
  • MSc City Design and Social Science
  • MSc Culture and Society
  • MSc Economy, Risk and Society
  • MSc Human Rights
  • MSc Human Rights and Politics
  • MSc Political Sociology
  • MSc Inequalities and Social Science
  • MSc International Migration and Public Policy
  • MPhil/PhD Sociology

3. University of Cambridge

The undergraduate Sociology course at the University of Cambridge provides its students with  the freedom to be flexible into creating a course based on their preferences. You can choose to specialise in Sociology, but you can also combine Sociology with the likes of Politics and Social Anthropology. This is a three-year undergraduate programme and each year offers 4 different courses. At the Department of Sociology at this university you get to study in a unique environment towards your dream career, meet like-minded people, and work together for a better future. There are two postgraduate courses at this department:

  • MPhil in Sociology
  • PhD in Sociology

4. The University of Manchester

In the Department of Sociology at this university you will gain numerous skills the likes of analysing and interpreting contemporary social issues and developments. You will get to learn more about social life, develop your analytical skills, and learn how to become an independent thinker. The courses at this department pay intricate attention to research skills and research design; you will get hands-on experience, and this way learn to put your theoretical skills into practice. You can create the degree of your interest through the wide range of optional units offered at this department:

  • Sociology, BSocSc
  • Economics and Sociology, BAEcon
  • Sociology and Criminology, BASS
  • Sociology and Philosophy, BASS
  • Sociology and Quantitative Methods, BASS
  • Politics and Sociology, BASS
  • Social Anthropology and Sociology, BASS
  • Sociology, MA
  • Sociological Research, MSc
  • Sociology, PhD

5. The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh has one of the leading Sociology Departments, recognized for its original research and teaching. This department focuses on producing cultural and scientific knowledge, and it shapes its approach by understanding the link between biography, history, private issues as well as public troubles. The University of Edinburgh aims to give its students the best study conditions possible through high-quality teaching and a professional academic staff with a strong international orientation. The Department of Sociology offers the following degree programmes:

  • MSc in Social Anthropology
  • MSc in Social Research
  • MSc in Sociology and Global Change
  • PhD in Sociology

6. Goldsmiths, University of London

“Sociology is a craft, a vocation, and is transformative to study,” is what the Department of Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London writes on its website. This department offers special attention to the field of sociology, ensuring students get all the theoretical and practical skills they need towards a better future. This department is particularly interested in focusing on contemporary issues, and finding ways to put as many innovative methods as possible to use. The courses the department offers are practical and efficient. These courses teach students to analyse data, draw conclusions, and recognize the social issues in today’s world. Some of the degree programmes offered at this university are:

  • BA (Hons) Sociology
  • MA Visual Sociology
  • BA (Hons) Media & Sociology
  • BA (Hons) Sociology with Criminology
  • BA (Hons) Sociology & Politics
  • BA (Hons) Anthropology & Sociology

7. University of Essex

The Department of Sociology at Essex gives you the skills to achieve numerous interesting career opportunities. You will have various opportunities of employment in areas the likes of education, social research, welfare, or even government. At this university, you will be equipped with different skills sets like interpersonal awareness, communication, analytical thinking, and more. You will graduate with the ability to be a problem-solver in society with the capacity to apply what you have learned in many aspects of life, such as education or even healthcare systems. Some of the degree programmes offered at this university are:

  • BA Sociology
  • BSc Sociology
  • BA Social Anthropology
  • BA Philosophy and Sociology
  • BA Sociology with Social Psychology
  • BA Social Anthropology with Human Rights
  • BA Sociology and Criminology
  • BSc Sociology with Data Science
  • BA Sociology and Politics
  • BA History and Sociology
  • MA Sociology
  • PhD Sociology

8. The University of Warwick

Known worldwide for its excellence in teaching and research, the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick has a commitment that overcomes disciplinary boundaries. At this university, you will find yourself involved in many discussions of research through seminars, conferences, and workshops. You will see how your range of skill sets will widen and you will keep growing towards your career path of interest. This university offers postgraduate programmes created by well-known academics, in which you will be introduced to interesting, well-taught, and relevant courses. At this university, you will find the following degree programmes:

  • BA Sociology
  • BA Sociology and Criminology
  • BA (Hons) Sociology and Global Sustainable Development
  • BA (Hons) History and Sociology
  • BA (Hons) Politics and Sociology
  • BA (Hons) Law and Sociology (Qualifying Law Degree)
  • MA Sociology
  • MA Social and Political Thought
  • MAGender and International Development
  • PhD Sociology
  • PhD Women’s and Gender Studies

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