Best UK Universities for International Relations

As our world is becoming strongly connected, with the help of business, trade and technology improvements, the interests of different nations and groups overlay bringing into the horizon differences which may ultimately lead to conflicts.

In these circumstances, individuals who have the professional skills and personal integrity to find the balance and to help maintain peace across borders are a necessity.

Being at the forefront of the most historical changes humankind has gone through, the UK had no other way rather than establish superior universities which would prepare excellent international relations’ experts.

Being involved in main global movements, the UK universities are a reference point to the world’s most promising students and academics.

Here’s the list of the best universities for International Relations in UK

London School of Economics

For 90 years of its existence, the Department of International Relations at the London School of Economics has been a center of knowledge and academic excellence. Today the Department is acclaimed as one of the oldest, biggest and the best International Relations department in the whole globe. Here you’ll find various study programs that cover a full range of subjects related to international relations. In addition to single honours degrees in international relations, you’ll also have the chance to seek joint degree programs which will teach you the use of international relations matters in different settings.

The rich scheme of study programs at this Department includes the followings

  • International Relations BSc
  • General Course
  • MSc in International Relations Taught/Research
  • International Relations Theory MSc
  • Research degrees in International Relations MPhil/PhD
  • Joint degrees
  • International Relations and History BSc
  • Politics and International Relations BSc
  • International Relations and Mandarin BSc
  • Theory and History of International Relations MSc
  • EU Politics MSc
  • Global Politics MSc
  • LSE-Peking University Double Degree in MSc International Affairs.

University of Oxford

It’s impossible to talk about UK universities for whatsoever ranking and not mention the iconic University of Oxford. The oldest university in the island is well-known and highly sought-after for its study programs in international relations. Your degree in international relations at the University of Oxford will prepare you academically to fully-recognize the rules that determine the functioning of global processes. This deep understanding will not only help you comprehend them profoundly but forecast the upcoming in and outs and therefore indicate their course.

Here are the International Relations study programs offered at the University of Oxford

  • International Relations MPhil
  • International Relations DPhil

King’s College London

One of the most reputed and globally-ranked university in the UK, the King’s College London is also ranked high for its international relations degree courses. Their modules aim to give you an understanding of major international relations approaches and encourage you to seek their usage in real-life situations. Through close examination, discussions, seminars and other assessment work, you’ll improve your critical thinking which you’ll be using to solve problems of global shared interests.

Study international relations in one of these programs:

  • International Relations BA
  • History and International Relations BA
  • International Pre-master’s – Politics & International Relations
  • International Relations & Politics Foundation Year
  • International Relations MA
  • International Relations and Contemporary War MA

University of Aberdeen

The wide variety of study programs in international relations and the future prospects it guarantees are the main traits that describe this university. International relation studies at the University of Aberdeen will draw you into a deeper understanding of the core concepts and theories in international matters. You’ll be taught about different state-run activities and their role in a regional, continental or global perspective. Study modules include the best theoretical approaches to these complex issues while at the same time you’ll be encouraged to develop your personal sense for these problems.

The wide variety of international relations courses offered at this university include the followings

  • International Relations and Language & Linguistics MA
  • International Relations and Legal Studies, MA
  • International Relations and Sociology MA
  • International Relations and Spanish& Latin American Studies MA
  • International Relations and Theology& Religious Studies MA
  • Geography and International Relations MA
  • History and International Relations MA
  • Economics and International Relations MA
  • Business Management and International Relations MA

University of York

Studying International Relations at the University of York is a lifetime opportunity to reveal your full academic potential. Their study programs are highly flexible, designed to cover the fundamental concepts and theories in international relations while offering the opportunities to adjust your course with topics of your own interests to a certain degree. In addition to this, you’ll get continual provision by its excellent academics from whose experience you can win a lot.

Here are the International Relations degrees you can seek at the University of York

  • International Relations BA
  • International Relations MA
  • Politics with International Relations BA
  • Politics with International Relations with a Year in Industry BA

University of Cambridge

The Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Cambridge boasts some exceptional study programs in international relations. They will equip you with a profound theoretical knowledge and a set of practical skills required to succeed as a future professional. During your studies, you will participate in many discussions, debates, seminars and workshops where you can gain extra abilities like critical thinking, teamwork skills, communication skills etc.

Here are the International Relations programs you can study at the University of Cambridge

  • International Relations with Politics MPhil
  • International Relations MSt
  • Politics and International Studies PhD
  • Asian and Middle Eastern Studies by Research (Japanese Studies) MPhil

University of Edinburgh

As one of the best universities in UK, the University of Edinburgh offers some amazing study programs in international relations. Here you’ll create a solid-rock foundation knowledge over international matters. With your degree taken at this university, you’ll have the academic relevance and personality traits to play an important role on major issues and debates related to international relations.

Below are international degree programs offered at this university

  • International Relations MA
  • International Relations and International Law MA
  • International Relations with Quantitative Methods MA
  • Law and International Relations LLB

University of St Andrews

The University of St Andrews is one of the very few British universities to have a School of International Relations. This institution enjoys a nationwide and worldwide reputation with the variety of their study programs and their academic excellence. Study programs in international relations at this university meet the most actual demands in the job market so at the end of the course you’ll be the right candidate employers have been looking for. Currently, these study programs cover topics like international security, terrorism, regional studies, international institutions, peace and conflict studies etc.

The School of International Relations at the University of St Andrews  offers these courses in International relations :

  • International Relations BA (International Hons)
  • International Relations MA (Hons)
  • International Security Studies MLitt
  • Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asian Security Studies MLitt
  • Strategic studies MLitt

University of Manchester

The highly-reputed University of Manchester is traditionally ranked high for its study programs in international relations. Your education here will give you an in-depth look at major issues in international relations and will boost your critical thinking necessary to come up with solutions. Thanks to the expertise you’ll gain at the University of Manchester you’ll be able to seek different job opportunities afterward.

International relations study programs at this university are

  • Politics and International Relations BSocSc
  • International Relations MA
  • International Relations Research MA

Queen’s University Belfast

The Queen’s University Belfast is another fantastic opportunity for you to study international relations in UK. There’s a broad array of programs at all academic levels offered at this university. Apart from single honours degrees, there are also joint degrees, which teach you the international relations issues in different contexts. Their curriculum is structured such as to help you fully-comprehend the underneath functioning of complex processes in international relations and award you the intellectual ability to delve deeper into the nature of these problems and derive acceptable solutions.

At the Queen’s University Belfast, the following courses are offered in international relations:

  • International Relations MA
  • International Studies and Politics
  • International Studies PhD
  • International Relations PGDip

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