Best Things To Do In UK

There are a variety of other things that you may want to do while you’re in UK. Here are some of the major ones that your colleagues may encourage you to do, depending on what your interests are.

4 Peaks Challenge

The 4 Peaks Challenge is a very exciting (and exhausting) challenge that you can do that gets you across all of the United Kingdom in a 40 hour period of time. There is also a smaller version, called the 3 Peaks Challenge, that you can take part in instead.

The 4 Peaks Challenge is a challenge that involves you traveling over 1000 miles (both by road and climbing) within a 40 hour period of time. As a part of the challenge, you will climb the highest peak in each part of the United Kingdom – one in England, one in Wales, one in Scotland, and one in Northern Ireland. The 3 Peaks version eliminates the Northern Ireland peak and it is within 24 hours. These mountains are not high compared to other peaks around the world, but climbing three in a matter of two days can be quite a feat.

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If you aren’t in the physical condition necessary to do the challenge part, it is suggested that you visit each of the peaks while you are living in England (or really, anywhere in the United Kingdom). The areas around the peaks are very nice to visit, so maybe you’ll decide to take a weekend for each? Either way, hit up all four before you head back to your home country for good.

Attend a Sports Event

If you do nothing else before you leave for your home country, then you need to make sure that you see a sport event. Many people who live in UK absolutely love going to sports events. Here are some of the sports events that you may see while in the UK  (links for each sport are provided)

You don’t have to go to a big sports event to be a part of the excitement either. Chances are, the university you attend may have amateur sports teams for you to get involved with, or you can enjoy a football or rugby game on your university campus. You can check out local teams as well. Athletics are a major part of British life, and you could make some good friends while checking out sports programs.

Castle Tours

There are a variety of castles all across the United Kingdom. They are scattered all over the place; they can be found in the largest of cities (like the Tower of London), and on the coast of the seas. You can go on a tour of all of the castles, check out all of the history related to each, and even sleep in an British castle! Because castles are not as common in countries like the United States and Australia, you will find many international students checking out these sorts of attractions. There are many websites and companies that will offer different types of castle tours; you can talk to your international affairs office or a travel agency to get more details.

Shakespeare Tours

Shakespeare is one of the greatest people to have ever come out of the UK, and the legends and stories surrounding his life make him almost iconic. You can visit Stratford-upon-Avon to see his birthplace and his grave. You can go to London and watch a classic play in the Globe, and you can even do a variety of activities with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Shakespeare is a big deal to both tourists and to those who live in England, so your time in UK will not be complete without going to see something related to his life or career.

Shakespeare tours are especially exciting if you are someone who is studying English or history during your time in UK. If you study these fields, you are right in the center of the history of the modern world, and you have access to all of it.

Other Activities

Of course, there are dozens of other things that you can do while studying in UK as well. You can go pub hopping and try different types of ale. You can check out the local open-air markets on the weekends. You can go shopping or check out historical sites. There are many international students who will spend all three years in UK, and then take extra time in order to go see everything that they’ve missed during their time there. You will never run out of things to do while studying in UK, because there is just so much for you to do.

If you are looking for more exciting ideas for activities to do and things to see while you are studying in UK, check out the Visit Britain website. They have tons of resources on what you can enjoy while you’re studying in UK, and you can find out things you may have never discovered on your own. Your international student affairs office may also have information about sites to see and things to do if you ask for information. Also, make sure to talk to locals and other colleagues to see what they have done – they may have done things that trigger your own fancy as well.

Brits love good music. Many famous musicians with a worldwide impact like the Beatles came out from the UK. Because of this tight relationship to music, the Brits have a lot of music festivals across the whole country. This is to say there’s no festival season in the UK. No matter the time and no matter your favourite kind of music there will certainly be a worth-attending one around. With this in mind, if you have the chance to visit once the UK and miss one of these festivals then we’re telling you that just lost something unbelievable.

International students can take a rest from their studies and attend any of these festivals. It will help to get relieved from all the stress and pressure school may carry. Moreover, there will be many people from different parts of the world so it’s a good opportunity to socialize.

And since there are a lot of these festivals, including some you may not have heard of, we bring you some of them.


The Parklife is a traditional music festival held at Heaton Park, Manchester. Every year a playground of 600 acres welcomes visitors from all around the world. This year the festival will last for two days between 9-10 June. The ticket price is £95. Famous names like Skepta, A$AP Rocky, N.E.R.D have already confirmed their performances on Parklife’s stage for this year.


Make your summer unforgettable by spending a weekend in Gunnersbury Park, London. For two days between 13-14 July, people enjoy live performances of renowned names. In this year the singers expected to perform include Childish Gambino, N.E.R.D and SZA. The ticket price is £49.50.


In the Bestival festival, there are more to experience than just top quality music. There will be many parties and parades at the night. The event is held in the Wight Isle for 3 days between 2 and 5 August. The singers that will perform this year are London Grammar, M.I.A, Plan B, Jorja Smith and Mabel. The ticket price is £190.


As the name suggests this event is held in an uncommon environment as opposed to traditional music festivals. Furthermore, Wilderness is not just a music festival since there are many activities participators will be doing including boating, fly fishing or swimming in lakes around. A general camping ticket costs £164.

British Summer Time

The British Summer Time is another music festival you wouldn’t like to lose while you’re in the UK. Besides having the chance to see some of the most popular singers in the world,  you will love the scenery in the Hyde Park, London where the event takes place. The festival lasts for 9 days between 6 and 15 July. In general, the price of a day ticket starts at £59.50. Bruno Mars, Michael Buble, Roger Waters, The Cure, Eric Clapton are just some of the artists that will perform in 2018.


Music, food and fun all in one day at the Citadel festival. The festival takes place in Gunnersbury Park on July 15th. The ticket price is £49.50.

The Great Escape

For only £65.50 you can have a three-day experience to remember in the beautiful city of Brighton. The Great Escape Festival is an event that takes place in more than 30 locations within the city starting from pubs to seafront clubs. It starts on 17th May.


Enjoy the best music and have a lot of fun dancing with thousands of visitors at the Henham Park, Suffolk where the Latitude festival occurs. Don’t miss the chance to go for a swim in a lake nearby, it’s totally allowed. The weekend camping ticket price starts at £197.50. This year names like Killers, Solange, Alt-J, Rag ‘N’ Bone Man will climb on the stage.


If you like the electronic music then the SW4 event is a perfect place to be. The event takes place in Clapham, London between 25-26th August. The ticket price is £55.

Strawberries and creem

Attention hip hop lovers. A one-day festival in Cambridge brings the best hip hop, grime, garage and house music for you. Stick around and have fun at the Strawberries and creem festival. The ticket price starts at £40.

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