Best Student Spots in London

International students love London and this is due to the many opportunities it provides when it comes to academic development, personal growth, and even employability. This lovely capital has been ranked first as the best student city in 2019, followed by Tokyo and Melbourne right after.

A strong network of university facilities is centred in London, meaning this city is home to world-class universities gathering ambitious students from all corners of the world. Social life is flourishing, the cultural diversity is at its best, and students simply enjoy the welcoming and comfortable environment this city offers.

In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best student spots in London, whether you’re new to the city or you’re simply looking to explore.

Here are the best student spots in London for international students:

1. Ozone Coffee House

Such a lovely and spacious cafe, located in a former warehouse, the Ozone Coffee House is now a beautiful attraction to individuals who want comfort, a good cup of coffee, and natural light. Coffee and hospitality are fundamental to Ozone, and that is exactly what they are delivering. Located in Leonard Street, Ozone Coffee House is the perfect place where students can interact, develop friendships, and share a cup of joe. And, if you would rather have some individual time, you can do so quite comfortable at Ozone. Working, having coffee, and relaxing has never been easier.

2. The Miller Pub

So, who is up for a budget-friendly destination where you can grab a bite and enjoy a drink without having to worry about the cost? It’s a perfect place for international students who need a bit of relaxing time away from the books and in the company of human beings (and music). The pub regularly organizes live music nights featuring local artists and there are also rehearsal spaces where theatre or comedy groups can rehearse their art! The Miller Pub aims to have something for everyone, offering the likes of Lager, to Real Ale, Saisons, Sours, IPAs, Porters and much more, each at less than £5 per pint.

3. Bar Kick

Grab the tube or bus and head towards Bar Kick in Shoreditch because it will definitely be worth it. You will absolutely enjoy this place, especially if you’re a football fan. You can head over there and enjoy the lively atmosphere, particularly if there is a big football game on the TV. And, if you would like to play football yourself, well, you can do so but in a mini version. Table football is available at only £1 per game! Talk about a fun and relaxing evening with your friends! You can grab a bite, a beer (£2.50 at happy hour), and socialize while playing table football, all in one place! Additionally, you will find a lot of vegan food options in their daily food menu, and the chefs are always pleased to take special requests to tweak their recipes.

4. Bishopsgate Library

Do you want to get away from the noise of a busy city for just a while? Well, Bishopsgate Library is your go-to. You will find this place near Liverpool Street, packed with free wifi, 150,000 books, and aesthetics like no other! This place was built to benefit the public back in 1894, and it still serves the same purpose. Bishopsgate Library is home to ideas, debate, culture, and learning. The building is open to everyone, offering spaces where people can thrive in numerous activities related to arts and culture, in a vibrant community.

5. Bea’s of Bloomsbury

Bea’s of Bloomsbury is positioned in two locations, with one of them being next to St Paul’s Cathedral, and it offers a variety of cupcakes and coffee, serving customers across London with some of the greatest breakfast selections and lunch/brunch. With their cushioned booths, free wifi, and a pretty London view, this place is a must-visit. The staff at Bea’s of Bloomsbury is outstanding, welcoming, and super friendly and efficient. You will love your stay there! Makes such a pretty spot for a great tea party!

6. The Café at Foyles

The Café at Foyles is located on the fifth floor of one of the greatest bookshops in the world. Head towards Charing Cross Road and find yourself immersed in a lovely getaway from the busy London streets. If you’re a fan of relaxed coffeeshops with lovely jazz and classical music where you can use your laptop as well as socialize, find yourself at The Café at Foyles. You will get your Espresso for as little as £2.50 and enjoy a full meal at a reasonable price while succumbing into the cosy atmosphere it offers.

7. Bloomsbury Coffee House

This basement café is also among the many delightful student spots in London, offering brunch and lovely homemade cupcakes. At Bloomsbury Coffee House it’s all counter service, with available plug sockets and quiet tables where you can sit and enjoy your order. Their fantastic brunch is served up until 11:30 am, and their baking options have gluten-free and vegan items available. Free wifi, delicious food, amazing coffee, and plug sockets! Bloomsbury Coffee House has it all!

8. Timberyard

Timberyard is the coffeeshop of comfortable and colourful armchairs where work and social life collide. This lovely place was specifically designed to meet the needs of remote workers, giving them a place to meet, grow networks, as well as develop their business. With meeting rooms and delicious coffee, Timberyard makes the best place to get through your workday with ease and comfort. In case you need space for a meeting, reading, book club, or breakfast, you can reserve your room at Timberyard on a 2-hour, half-daily, or daily basis with 15% off all food and drink during your stay.

9. Tinderbox Espresso Bar

For those who like having their coffee while watching the world on the move, Tinderbox in Paperchase TCR is packed with floor to ceiling windows. It’s a perfect spot for students wishing to use their laptop and have a perfect cup of coffee or speciality tea. Offering free wifi, plug sockets, and comfortable spaces to use your laptop, you can study while also grabbing a bite. Located in the heart of London, you can find this café open up until 8:00 pm on weekdays, and 7:00 pm/6:00 pm on weekends.

10. Sherlock Holmes Pub

And last but not least, the Sherlock Holmes pub! This is a traditional English pub, quite different from the aforementioned spots, where you can order pints and pub food and enjoy a lovely interior while in the company of friends. Apart from being an English pub, this place also has a complete recreation of Holmes and Watson’s study and sitting room. Its eye-catching interior would attract anyone, and it does make for the perfect place to enjoy an evening with friends.

The food is delicious, the staff is friendly, and just upstairs you will find the study room recreation of the famous detective, full of references to his investigations.