Best Sixth Forms in London

Sixth form colleges are the main characteristic of the British education system. By definition, they’re educational institutions built to help students to gain knowledge and skills required to enter university or find a job right away.

In other countries, high school graduates move straight to university, but that is not the case in the UK. After high school comes to an end you’re going to sit for national exams to either meet entry requirements at the university or gain specific skills for a particular job.

Sixth form colleges are a very important part of students’ life in the UK. It is the time when they get to know their intellectual capacities and decide whether to go on to pursue university or find a job instead.

Because it is that important you must aim to make the best choice about which sixth form college you want to attend. There are many sixth form colleges in the UK and if you are looking for one in London then this is quite difficult.

To make it an easier task for you, we present you a list of the best sixth form colleges in London that will surely provide you with knowledge and skills to succeed in whatever you engage afterwards.

There are many reasons that place the following institutions among the best London sixth form colleges. They score outstanding academic results with a high passing rate of students and many of them have gone to succeed at university or in the job market. In addition, their curriculum is broad and teaching is of high quality.

Here are the best sixth form colleges in London:

Brampton College

Brampton College is located in North West London. They’re regularly positioned among the best sixth form colleges in relevant rankings. Their reputation stems from an excellent record of academic success.

This amazing school offers courses for A-Levels and GCSEs from a broad spectrum of subjects. Study curriculum applied at Brampton College is highly flexible to match students’ personal academic choices.

Students are placed in a warm, inspiring and an encouraging learning environment and receive a lot of one-on-one training. Aiming for a higher teaching efficiency, the size of classes is kept small (on average 7 students in each class).

London Academy Excellence

London Academy Excellence founded in 2012, but soon established a firm academic excellence and today ranks among the best sixth form colleges in London. Its strong reputation is a merit of an outstanding education which is built upon modern teaching standards.

A-Level courses at this school are designed to help you identify your talents and seek your academic dream afterward. In 2018, 61% of their A-Level grades were A*/A and 90% were A*/B.

The support of teachers will also have a significant impact on your studying experience here. Every time you might face a problem with the study material they will share time to help you deal with that. In addition to regular classes, there will also be recreational activities to make your studying experience rich and unique.

London Brookes College

At the London Brookes College, you find GCSE and A-Level courses in a wide range of subjects. Excellent study programs combined with professional guidance from their committed teachers are what put this school among the best sixth form colleges in London. Your time at this amazing school will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in your upcoming education challenges. There are entry requirements as London Brookes College firmly believes they will offer you high-quality teaching that will help you improve your grades and succeed at university.

King’s Math School

If you aspire to be a mathematician and you’re looking to find an education which will strengthen your talent enough to succeed in whatever university you choose, then King’s Math School is a place to be.

This outstanding school is a leading sixth form college and enjoys the same reputation as the university to which it belongs. Study curriculum applied at this school is designed to help you fulfil your potential and built the intellectual foundation for a successful career as a mathematician.

The passing rate in A-Levels of King’s Math School students is among the highest in the UK and the majority of their graduates gain admission in some of the best universities.

Newham Sixth Form College

Newham Sixth Form College opened its doors in 1992 for the first time on the mission of providing students from east London an opportunity to gain knowledge to succeed in higher education. Ever since this amazing school has been considered as one of the best sixth form colleges in London.

At Newham Sixth Form College you are given a deep understanding of the subjects you’re interested in. Their hardworking academic staff is committed to helping students identify their abilities and provide knowledge and skills to live up to those abilities. In addition, students are engaged in plenty of extra-curricular activities in order to gain confidence and experience needed to succeed in education and work.

Westminster City School

Placed in the heart of London, a short walk far from the Buckingham Palace, Westminster City School is one of the best sixth forms in London. Their study programs are highly attuned to students’ needs and interests. They aim to arm you with a second-to-none quality of education to help you stand out the competition in higher education. On the other hand, the professional guidance provided by its excellent teachers will have an unparalleled impact on your educational future. Even better, except for classes you’re going to participate in many other activities where you can socialize and have fun.

City of London Academy

The foundation of the City of London Academy takes us back in 1442. As such, this school is considered among the oldest sixth form colleges in the UK. In all this long journey, City of London Academy has strongly maintained its reputation as one of the best sixth form colleges in London. Join a group of talented students and an excellent team of teachers in a supportive and inspiring learning environment which is going to help you fulfil your potential and enjoy your time at school.

Albemarle College

Albemarle College offers A-Level and GCSE courses in several subjects including Natural Sciences, Computer Science & Mathematics, Business and Humanities, Languages, Arts and Literature.

Official records show in the past 10 years 100% of students at Albemarle College have passed A-Level exams and 88% got A*-B grades which well above the national average.

Albemarle is also proud of having an excellent team of academics who are going to encourage and help your way toward your educational goals. This is all an assurance that at this school you’re going to receive an education which will be sufficient enough for you to achieve your professional dreams.

Ashbourne College

Three key elements to the excellence of Ashbourne College are the exam success, individual attention and perfect location. Official data show students’ achievements in A-Level exams are high. As of 2018, 50% of their students got A*A grades and at the same time, many of them went to enroll Russell Group Universities which are the best in the UK.

The number of students per class at this school doesn’t exceed a certain limit in order for everyone to receive a significant amount of time for individual attention. Furthermore, Ashbourne College cares deeply about the steps you take further in your life, therefore, provides students with professional career guidance.

Your education in Ashbourne is not all about studying for you’re A-Levels or GCSEs but also taking advantage of its perfect location. There are plenty of museums, galleries, theatres and beautiful sights around Ashbourne College that will make you love your time spent at this place.