Best Sixth Form Colleges in UK

At the age of 16, British students complete secondary school and this marks the end of compulsory education in the UK. Following high school graduation, it is optional for them whether they want to drop out of education or move to higher stages of education. However, since it is very difficult to find a job most of them attend at least a vocational course where they are taught a basic set of skills required to perform a specific job.

Further Education is a very important part of one’s education in the UK because it is a stepping stone to the future and to a large extent it will determine its shape. The one who wants to work will gain practical skills to find a good job, while the other one who has set higher academic goals for himself prepares for the university.

High school graduates in the UK have two options ahead:

  • Enroll a Sixth Form College, which is usually part of its high school or
  • Enroll an individual Further Education College

Note that, in principle,  FE colleges and Sixth Form Colleges are quite similar. In essence, the mission of both is pretty much the same to prepare you to take on forthcoming education challenges or help you to land a good job afterward.

That in mind, it is of great importance to decide on which college you want to attend your further education. There are many sixth form colleges in the UK, but only a few stand at the very top.

Here are the best Sixth Form colleges in UK:

Oxford International College

Located just a walk outside the center of the city which has been a center of academic excellence for around 1,000 years, Oxford International College is a leading sixth form college in UK. Students at this college are provided with a wide range of courses and brilliant education approaches which prepare them for a challenging and successful career. Thanks to an outstanding reputation among employers and universities, a high proportion of Oxford International College graduates go on to pursue successful job or academic careers, particularly in Oxford University and local companies.

Cardiff Sixth Form College

The Cardiff Sixth Form College is among the best sixth form colleges in the UK. The variety of courses, excellent professorship, a stimulating learning environment and a forward-looking education approach account for its national reputation. In 2017, 92% of students at the Cardiff Sixth Form College achieved A*A Levels giving them opportunities to follow their university aspirations.  On the other hand, the college enjoys a firm reputation among employers and many of its graduates are accommodated in local companies following their graduation.

Bellerbys College Cambridge

Top results of their students make Bellerbys College Cambridge one of the best sixth form colleges in UK. Students at this fantastic place have plenty of choices because the college offers various courses designed to prepare them for both GCSE or A-Levels. Fully committed to offering a unique and fulfilling study experience, the college also engages students in numerous other activities to enrich their studies.  Moreover, the college maintains strong partnerships with local employers and top-rated universities where many of their graduates continue afterwards.

Abbey College Cambridge

Outstanding academic results continuously recorded by the Abbey College Cambridge put it along the best sixth form colleges in UK. Home to many resident and international students, Abbey College Cambridge is the place where many see the opportunity to achieve their full potential required to excel in further education stages. Their variety of courses lead to different qualifications like GCSEs, A-Levels, International Foundation Programme, Pre-sessional Programme, Pre-Degree Diploma and Medicine Summer School.  Due to brilliant education achieved at this college, many of their graduates enter top-ranked universities in UK.

Brampton College

The Brampton College is consistently ranked among the best sixth form colleges in UK, particularly for its education courses. So far, the college offers GCSE and A-Levels courses in a broad array of subjects. Students have their say on study modules to enable them to suit it to their academic needs. In addition, the college makes sure all students get enough one-on-one training by maintaining small size classes which on average have seven students. The college maintains strong links with many local companies and top universities to meet the required standards and most of their students end up either working or studying in one of those universities.

Bath Academy

As one of the best sixth form colleges in UK, Bath Academy attracts a large number of resident and international students. Study programs at this college are designed to help students achieve their full academic potential by providing professional and individual guidance. At the end of the course, students of Bath Academy are ready to score high on national GCSE and A-Levels exams and excel in forthcoming stages of their life.

Abbey College Manchester

Located right in the heart of the city of Manchester, the Abbey College Manchester resemblance the academic values this city has been cultivating for years on. The variety of study programs offered at this sixth form college include the followings

  • GCSE
  • A-Levels
  • International Foundation Programme
  • Combined Studies Programme
  • Academic Studies with Football Training

Qualifications attained at the Abbey College Manchester are respected and valued from top universities and big companies, thus many of its graduates successfully move on to all those companies and universities.

Hurtwood House

A warm and inspiring learning environment is what guarantees top academic results for the Hurtwood House, therefore positioning it among the best sixth form colleges in UK. The college provides a unique educational approach which combines both traditional and modern schooling system.  The wide variety of courses at this college cover four main subjects: Business, Creative, Humanities and Science.

Study programs pay a larger emphasis on core subjects but also allow students to have their say in stud modules to match it with their personal desires. In addition, excellent teachers who are leaders in their professional field help students to pave the road to a successful career afterwards. As a final result, a large proportion of Hurtwood House college get admitted at some of the best UK universities or start a new successful job career.

King’s College London Maths School

Math is a very challenging subject and very competitive in UK universities. If you ever dream to enter a math school in UK then get ready to be a superb student otherwise changes to get admitted are beyond your reach. The long-term mission of the King’s College London Maths School is precisely this, to give its students a competitive edge to stand out.

King’s College London Math School is run in close cooperation with King’s College University, which is one the best in the world, to help students meet their global higher education standards.  High-quality education, innovative teaching approach, state-of-the-art facilities and brilliant professorship account for an easier transition for students from college to top-ranked math universities in the UK.

Kimbolton School

Kimbolton School is located in the county of Cambridgeshire, East England. A leading education center, the institution is regarded as a selective school, meaning there is a limited number of free seats and only students who pass a certain assessment are admitted.

Sixth From college students at the Kimbolton School are provided with a well-rounded education which prepares them to get on confidently to forthcoming education challenges. Individual trainings and small size classes enable students to get the best out of their qualification. In turn, many of them are admitted at top universities or work in big companies.