Artificial Intelligence Degrees in UK

Without no doubt, Artificial Intelligence is the science of the future. Different sorts of humans-like machines are already being developed and implemented in various sectors, revolutionizing our scientific development and affecting our daily lives.

Becoming a professional practitioner of this field is a very hard task as it requires an outstanding level of knowledge from a variety of cross-sectional subjects, a unique creative sense and a strong motivation to keep you going.

Being among global leaders in science and technology and having a promising environment for research activities, UK is a place to be for those ambitious students who want to study Artificial Intelligence.

UK universities offer numerous attractive degree courses in Artificial Intelligence designed to equip you with a wide set of applicable skills and knowledge, while also helping you to establish a basis for unique and persistent academic research strategy.

If you want to get an AI degree in UK and you prefer to choose among the best universities, below we’ve made a list of top UK universities for studying Artificial Intelligence

University College London

Ranked amongst five most eminent London’s universities, the University College London makes into the list of the best computer science schools in UK. Home to many leading researchers and a centre of academic excellence, this institution is highly committed to preparing you for a challenging and rewarding career as an expert in the Artificial Intelligence industry.

Classroom-based lectures and practical sessions at this university are delivered hand in hand to ensure you gain the skills to apply this knowledge in real-life settings. Professional guidance and the mentorship you’ll be receiving at any moment will count for a fulfilled education.

The University College London offers you the following Artificial Intelligence degrees:

  • MSc Computational Statistics and Machine Learning
  • MSc Data Science and Machine Learning
  • MRes Computational Statistics & Machine Learning
  • MRes Robotics
  • MRes Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence and Neural Computing

University of Kent

At the University of Kent, you’ll find an inspiring environment of excellent students and leading experts in Artificial Intelligence. Their degree courses in Artificial Intelligence are very innovative while state-of-the-art facilities will enable you to run practical sessions highly required in this study area.

At the end of the course, you’ll possess a set of applicable skills and cutting-edge knowledge which will be much sought-after from prospective employers.

Here’s what the University of Kent offers for prospective Artificial Intelligence students

  • Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) – BSc (Hons)
  • Advanced Computer Science (Computation Intelligence) – MSc

University of Sheffield

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Sheffield offers some of the best Artificial Intelligence courses distinctive for their educational approach and for their emphasis on practical aspects of this interesting subject. AI courses at this institution put a large focus on the relationship between humanoid intelligence and computational machines and seek to explore ways that the former can be applied in the development of computational machines.

The following Artificial Intelligence courses are available at this university

  • Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science BSc
  • Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science MComp

Loughborough University

Loughborough University is one of the best universities in the UK and their Artificial Intelligence courses are amongst the most appealing. Your degree at this institution will grant you a strong educational background and a unique experience which will count for high employability and a challenging professional career afterwards.

You’ll be taught a wide set of theoretical and practical approaches in Artificial Intelligence and other related subjects under the provision of excellent professors who will help you identify your strengths and inspire you to reach your full potential in that part.

Loughborough University offers the following degrees in Artificial Intelligence

  • Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence BSc (Hons)
  • Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence MSci (Hons)
  • Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence MSci

University of Leeds

Artificial Intelligence degree courses at the University of Leeds aim to provide students with a wide set of applicable skills and knowledge in many areas of modern IT. The course won’t only teach you about core theoretical concepts, but will also continually expose you with real-life problems in the developing of software systems to encourage you to seek proper solutions.

The University of Leeds offers the following degrees in Artificial Intelligence:

  • Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence MEng, BSc
  • Advanced Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) MSc

Imperial College London

One of the London’s and the world’s best universities, Imperial College London is ranked amongst best Computer Science Schools in UK. Currently, the university offers AI courses only at the postgraduate level:

  • MSc Artificial Intelligence
  • Computing (Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning) MEng, MSc

These courses are designed to suit every type of student who has a particular interest in computer sciences. The MSc Artificial Intelligence is a perfect fit for STEM graduates who want to use their mathematical knowledge in gaining a degree in computer science. Computing (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) is a fantastic option for those students who already have a background in computation.

University of Manchester

Claiming to be the largest Computer Science school in UK, the famous University of Manchester offers some of the best Artificial Intelligence courses. The practical aspect of the Artificial Intelligence counts for a large part of your course as their structure is designed in accordance with many industrial partners. In addition to gaining skills that employers value, your AI course will also grant you a lot of professional and personal skills.

The followings include Artificial Intelligence courses offered at the University of Manchester:

  • Artificial Intelligence BSc
  • Artificial Intelligence MEng
  • Artificial Intelligence with Industrial Experience BSc
  • Artificial Intelligence with Industrial Experience MEng
  • ACS: Artificial Intelligence MSc
  • Advanced Controls and Systems Engineering MSc

Liverpool Hope University

The highly reputed Liverpool Hope University has a nationwide appealing for its courses in Artificial Intelligence. Here you’ll be equipped with a wide range of much-coveted and applicable skills through interactive lectures and regular practise sessions conducted in their fully-equipped facilities and in different workplaces provided by their industrial partners. Not surprisingly, AI graduates of this university are highly sought-after in the job market.

Liverpool Hope University offers the following courses in Artificial Intelligence:

  • Artificial Intelligence BSc
  • Artificial Intelligence (with a year in Industry) BSc
  • Artificial Intelligence MSci
  • Artificial Intelligence (with a year in Industry) MSci

Brighton University

The Brighton University offers one of the best undergraduate degrees in Artificial Intelligence in UK:

  • Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence BSc (Hons)

You’re going to be taught about fundamental skills and knowledge required to innovate and develop software systems. The structure of the course is set in accordance with industrial partners to ensure your education responds to the market’s needs. In addition to regular lectures from experienced people from the industry, you will also have the chance to gain work experience during your studies.

University of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire offers a state-accredited study program in Artificial Intelligence. The following AI course conducted at this university is:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics BSc (Hons)

This course is designed upon modern educational approaches with the mission of providing you with a grounding education in the construction and function of computational machines. During the whole time, you will combine theory and practice at the same time to help you establish a deep understanding while also teaching you its real application. As a result of this, the graduates of the University of Bedfordshire are highly sought-after in the job market.

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