Anthropology Courses in UK

Anthropology is the science whose subject of concern is the puzzling questions over the development of different societies in the historical and cultural context. Professionals in this field use their expertise to find and identify important facts about societies that once lived on our planet, their social hierarchy, their customs, traditions, governance and so on. As such, anthropology is an essential science of getting to know our past and extrapolate our picture given from left marks.

Shedding light on the remaining mysteries of the past of humankind is an intriguing motivator to study Anthropology. But to be able to turn your passion into something applicable in real life you need to get a valuable degree which is not found in every place.

Organizing anthropology courses requires fully-equipped modern facilities, free access in archaeological artefacts, academics with a wide range of expertise, study modules which are under constant revision to reflect cutting-edge scientific achievements and opportunities to apply your skills in the job market.

You don’t find this in many countries, but you will in the UK. British universities are among the global leaders for anthropological studies because of their unique study programs which will prepare you to become a true scientist of the field.

If you want to get an Anthropology degree in the UK and you want to choose the options, we present to you the list of best anthropology degrees in the UK

University of Manchester

Various courses, interdisciplinary emphasis on its programs, relevant training sessions are only some of the features that list the University of Manchester among best UK universities for anthropology.

The School of Social Sciences at the University of Manchester offers the following degree courses in Anthropology:

  • Social Anthropology (¾ Years) [BSocSc]
  • Social Anthropology and Criminology (3 Years) [BASS]
  • Social Anthropology and Philosophy (3 Years) [BASS]
  • Social Anthropology and Quantitative Methods (3 Years) [BASS]
  • Politics and Social Anthropology (3 Years) [BASS]
  • Anthropological Research MA
  • Social Anthropology MA
  • Visual Anthropology MA
  • Anthropology, Media and Performance PhD
  • Social Anthropology PhD

London School of Economics

The Department of Anthropology at the London School of Economics is another good option for studying anthropology. Highly respected among academics and employers this Department is a centre of excellence in teaching and research which is also reflected in the high interest of prospective students of different nationalities.

The LSE offers several attractive degree courses in Anthropology as shown below:

  • BA/BSc Social Anthropology
  • BA Anthropology and Law
  • MSc Social Anthropology
  • MSc Social Anthropology (Religion in the Contemporary World )
  • MSc Anthropology and Development
  • MSc Anthropology and Development Management
  • MS China in Comparative Perspective
  • MRes/PhD Anthropology
  • LSE-Columbia PhD Exchange

Brunel University of London

Your Anthropology degree at the Brunel University of London will grant you the knowledge and practical skills to become a professional anthropologist fully-prepared to face contemporary questions with whom Anthropology is concerned with. Through interaction and constant engagement in class discussions and practical sessions, your critical thinking abilities will improve to enable you to see the development of societies and cultures from a different perspective.

The Brunel University of London offers the following degree courses in Anthropology:

  • Anthropology and Sociology BSc
  • Anthropology BSc
  • Anthropology of Childhood, Youth and Education MSc
  • Anthropology of International Development and Humanitarian Assistance MSc
  • Anthropology PhD

University of Cambridge

The Department of Social Anthropology at the famous University of Cambridge is a top-rated education institution for anthropology. Their friendly, vibrant and dynamic environment will inspire you to push your intellectual limits to the farthest point. Its degree courses in Anthropology provide you with an unmatched level of theoretical and practical education, which will serve as a starting point for a challenging and a harvesting scientific career.

University of Aberdeen

Your anthropology degree at the University of Aberdeen will set the basis for a successful academic and professional career in this study area. During your studies, you will be introduced to core concepts in anthropology and will constantly have your hands on in different training sessions, seminars and active discussions over important topics aiming to make out of you a highly regarded anthropologist ready to address challenges in this study field.

Currently, the University offers one single-honours degree in Anthropology and numerous joint degrees:

  • MA Anthropology
  • MA Anthropology and Archaeology
  • MA Anthropology and English
  • MA Anthropology and English
  • MA Anthropology and Film & Visual Culture
  • MA Anthropology and French
  • MA Anthropology and Gaelic Studies
  • MA Anthropology and Geography
  • MA Anthropology and German
  • MA Anthropology and History
  • MA Anthropology and International Relations
  • MA Anthropology and Philosophy
  • MA Anthropology and Politics
  • MA Anthropology and Sociology
  • MA Anthropology and Psychology
  • MA Anthropology and Spanish & Latin American Studies
  • MA Anthropology and Theology & Religion

University of Oxford

The oldest university in the UK is clearly among the best anthropology universities in the country and one of the most appealing in the academic world. Its degree courses in anthropology are a modern approach to education and research techniques and are constantly under revision to make sure they reflect the cutting edge developments in this study area

  • Anthropology DPhil
  • Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology MSc
  • Medical Anthropology MPhil
  • Medical Anthropology MPhil
  • Medical Anthropology MSc
  • Migration Studies MSc/DPhil

University College London

The UCL is ranked amongst the world’s top ten universities and Anthropology is amongst the most appealing study field of this university. Gain an invaluable education which will fine-tune your core understanding of central concepts in anthropology required to succeed as an anthropologist

University of Edinburgh

Your Anthropology degree at the Scottish University of Edinburgh will give you a rounded understanding of the theory and the practice of anthropology. Choose from a wide variety of degree courses which includes the followings

  • Taught MSc in Social Anthropology
  • Taught MSc in Medical Anthropology
  • Taught MSc in International Development
  • MSc Res in Social Anthropology
  • PhD in Social Anthropology

University of Sussex

At the University of Sussex, you’ll find also some good courses in anthropology. Its study programs teach about techniques, research methods and skills a professional anthropologist must possess in order to solve complex features of different societies and cultures in different stages of their history.

Get your Anthropology degree in one of these courses offered at this university

  • Anthropology
  • Anthropology and Cultural Studies BA
  • Anthropology and History BA
  • Anthropology and International Development BA
  • Anthropology with a Language BA
  • Geography and Anthropology BA
  • Geography and Anthropology Marts
  • International Relations and Anthropology BA

University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham makes into our list thanks to the variety of degree courses, flexible study programs and excellent academic staff.  During the whole course, you’ll be given in-depth insights on anthropology matters and you’ll be encouraged to offer ideas and opinions over possible solutions. An overall solid academic competence will grant you a high rate of employability as an ultimate result.

The University of Birmingham offers the following courses in Anthropology

  • Anthropology and African Studies BA
  • Anthropology and Classical Literature and Civilisation BA
  • Anthropology and History BA
  • Anthropology and Political Science BA
  • Archaeology and Anthropology BA
  • African Studies BA/MRes

Entry requirements

Entry requirements for Anthropology courses in the UK vary depending on the university and the type of the course, you want to enroll. If you’re applying for an undergraduate degree in Anthropology, you won’t necessarily be required to have a previous education in anthropology, although your grades at certain subjects related to your aimed study field may play a significant role in your admission.

Given below are the documents required to apply for an anthropology course in the UK:

  • A recognized degree
  • Certified certificate of grades from previous education
  • Proof of Language
  • Motivation or Reference Letters
  • Relevant work experience

Note that typically, Anthropology courses in the UK require you to take 3 A-Levels.


After you’ve completed the documents required you can apply for the desired course. The application can be done through online means, as the most frequent type of application for international students in the UK.

Most universities in the country support application through the online application platform UCAS. Every course offered at a particular university has a specific UCAS number attached it. You have to use that number so you can find it on UCAS and let them know for which course you’re applying.

Those universities which don’t normally run a personal online application platform for its foreign applicants.

Keep in mind that before your online submission, you need to scan and convert your documents in PDF or JPG.

The cost of getting an anthropology degree in the UK

International fees change depending on the university and the type of the course you want to enroll. Overall, tuition fees for an undergraduate Anthropology course in the UK range between £17,000 and £30,000. On the other hand, tuition fees for a postgraduate course in Anthropology vary between £18,000 and £26,000. However, some master’s degrees by research may carry a few additional costs which you cover yourself.

Note that tuition fees are subject to often changes due to universities’ internal policies and due to inflation in the country.

How long it takes to complete an anthropology degree in the UK?

The length of your studies depends on the type of course and the mode of study. Part-time courses usually take longer to be completed.

Commonly an undergraduate anthropology degree in the UK lasts for 3 years of full-time studies, while master’s degree courses last for 12 months full-time. There are some postgraduate study programs like DPhil of Anthropology endure for 3-4 years.

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