Study in the UK – The Complete Guide for International Students

Thousands of students from all over the world study in the UK each year, making studying in UK the number one choice for international students in Europe and number two in the world.

A world-class education and good future perspective are what the British higher education will give you at its minimum. Holding a British degree will set you apart in today’s competitive job market, regardless of the country you are in. Not surprisingly, the UK is a hub for international students being the second most popular study destination for overseas students, with over a million international students.

If you have always dreamed of attending a reputable university, then studying in UK is where your dream comes true. Some of the UK’s most famous universities have traditionally been ranked as the best in the world. Its capital, London is considered to be the world capital city of higher education with four universities being the top universities globally. Its 24 Russell universities are valued as global leaders in teaching and research. Thanks to this reputation they have continually been the home of some of the best students in the world. Their alumni include some of the greatest minds the world has ever witnessed, whose work gained worldwide recognition. Very often after getting their degrees these personalities stay in the campus as a part of the university professorship. So, while enrolling at a British university you’re guaranteed to learn from the very best.

Having a large number of foreign students on their campuses indicates how much the British universities value the diversity and how international students willing to study in UK are welcomed. In these universities, you’re about to meet talented and skilled students coming from all around the globe. Socializing with them will influence your life in so many ways. You’ll get to know their culture, traditions and discuss important topics of shared interests and in the future, you may even be able to visit their countries.

One of the best things about studying in the UK is learning the English language. English is the international language of science, business, politics, and pretty much everything else in our daily life. Employers will seek for this kind of a candidate because you can serve as a bridge of communication between parties involved in a partnership. This way they can improve their business and you’ll set yourself in a good job position. And where’s an ideal place to learn this language than in its country?


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Studying in UK is more than just seeking a university degree. There are countless things you can do while in the UK to get the best out of your experience. Sincerely, you’re going to lose too much from your stay in the UK if you only worry about getting that degree. For example, why missing one of its famous festivals where you can enjoy the best music, drink, dance, go camping and do friends. This country is a blending of urban and rural, the modernity and the classics. Its vibrant and dynamic lifestyle in places like London comes in perfect combination with quieter rural areas, the sorts of Aberaeron. The country boasts a large number of historical and cultural gems you must not miss while in the UK. From the medieval castles to the London Eye Beautiful natural sceneries you’re about to see while moving through different parts of the country will make you love every single moment spent in the biggest European island. If you study in UK in a field that in a sense may relate to these places like archaeology or architecture than it will also impact your studies, hence visiting may be more than suggested.

Being somewhere abroad for quite a while is a great opportunity to get out of your zone of comfort and learn new things. Weekends may be boring in the UK if you don’t know how to spend your time. But, there are numerous things you can do and wait for you to be explored. Surely laying in the bed, it’s not a good idea. Instead, you must go out and engage in different activities, uncommon for your lifestyle back in your home country. Eventually, while you’re studying in UK you be doing something you have the talent for, but you never thought of.

Studying in the UK is an exceptional experience that not everybody will have the chance to have it. If you’re one of the lucky people to get it, make sure you get the best out of it. Study, travel, explore and live it to the fullest. Your time in this wonderful country and its amazing universities is about growing intellectually and spiritually. Its outstanding high-quality education will improve and get your academic competence a step further. Besides world-class lecturers, British universities are proud of having some of the most modern and up-to-date campuses, to reflect their orientation toward research activities as the main driver for solving actual global problems. Their modern facilities are well-equipped with the latest technology to stand in compliance with the utmost needs of ambitious students for conducting experimental works. But, during your study in UK, you should never make the error of depriving yourself of your off-campus life. Except it may discharge you from the stress of studying, it may bring an emotional fulfilment and spiritual joy to you. Furthermore, pushing your knowledge boundaries for a country like the UK to a further extent will definitely make you fall in love with this wonderful country.


Living in UK


There is a broad array of programs and study fields on offer at UK universities.  Most of the information about programs and courses can easily be reached online. Moreover, the UK higher system has an online portal through where every foreigner can submit its application from the comfort of their homes.

Especially, in study fields such as business, law, and natural sciences, UK universities are uncontested leaders. This is mainly because of a well-organized system and outstanding academic staff. Universities in the UK go through regular detailed investigation and accreditation to make sure they’re in line with strict regulations concerning the quality of education. On the other hand, the UK higher education is the home of some of the world’s most eminent academics. Although they share only 4.1% of all researchers in the world, in 2016 they counted for 15.2% of all citations. So, when you choose to study in the UK, you’re actually handing yourself to an excellent academic staff in an environment driven by excellence.

What makes the UK an even more perfect place to study for international students are their little work restrictions, which is not the case with many of the other popular study abroad destinations. This allows you to start a fully dependent life from your family and cover all tuition and living expenses entirely on your own. Furthermore, working in the UK while studying will be an experience that will completely change your life.

Besides your education gains, studying in the UK will be a lifetime cultural experience for you. You’ll get to embrace a unique and rich culture. Also, you’re going to immerse in a different lifestyle from what you have in your home country. The UK is full of attractions, you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of visiting them while you’re there. There won’t be any dull moment while you’re studying in the UK – that’s for sure.




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